Just found out my brother has an INSANE amount of drugs.

Discussion in 'General' started by kvcc, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. He always said he doesnt do drugs.


    I just found well over 200 MDMA pills(yellow with misubishi symbol) in plastic bags.

    WTF should I do?

    Is he selling these?
    Taking these?

    Should I be worried?
  2. Hes probably selling them. If he was taking them you would probably notice that hes a little "off".
  3. ask your brother man, how are we supposed to know? does he have a lot of cash laying around? id bet he's slangin em and takin a couple for himself.
  4. I'm somewhat dissapointed.

    But this is a bad idea, i have a really bad problem with drugs.

    I just took 3 of them :[

    I have like impulse to do these things, i cant really say anything since i just TOOK some.
  5. Well he buys TONS of things, he got tats and shit and i know he doesnt make that much money from his job.

    Its stupid how he always tells me not to do drugs and stuff, yet i found THAT.
  6. Well its not like hes gonna tell you hes selling drugs. And taking those pills was an unwise move.
  7. sounds to me like he is selling. just confront him. he is going to know there are some
    missing anyway.
  8. I only took 3.

    I know he won't say anything to me, its not like he counts them everyday.

    And if he did he can't say anything, he lives with my mom (so do I) so if he said did you take any? I can just be like well you have WAYY too much of them, hed get in much more trouble then me
  9. WTF?

    dude stealing your brother drugs. .

    thats fucking low.

  10. One without permission. Two, you don't know if they been cut.

    If you mean take; possessing them, return them.
    Ingest? I just cant believe someone would take a pill, they didn't know exactly what was in them.
  11. 200 isnt that much but hes def selling them
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    Even if you took one its still stealing drugs taking a small amount doesn't make it okay. You dont understand the game do you? What if the sell isnt all profit? He might be owing some money to people you dont want to be owing money to. He could be a middle man and if he's short by alot of money or a little he could get in some shit. You dig?
  13. how do you know he doesnt count them everyday??? put them back and confront him.
  14. My brother steals money from me all the time.

    I had 30$ bucks 2 weeks ago that i SHOWED him, and then the next day its GONE.

    Trust me, stealing from this asshole isn't that bad.
    That and if he tries to do anything to me i could totally kick his ass.

    He shouldn't be selling in the first place he shouldn't give me shit.

    If you knew my brother, you wouldn't feel bad.
  15. Read my post maybe you will understand. ^^
  16. It's not that big of a deal,

    he took money from me I took those pills from him. He LIES about EVERYTHING.

    It's just that right now im REALLY depressed and my anxiety problems have gotten worse and i've just been doing anything to get me high and away from shit.

    I know i'm an idiot, but i can't help it when it comes to these things I just DO it i can't really control myself.

    I took those pills 10-15 minutes ago, if i could go back i wouldn't have taken them.

    This could turn out really bad most likely.
  17. I REALLY don't want him finding out that I took these though.

    What can I do to get around this?

    If he tells my parents i am literally SCREWED.

    I'm pretty sure he won't though

    "Hey he took the pills im selling!"

    We would both be in deep shit then
  18. You're selfish. Man dont tell us you cant control yourself because your the one who went and stole 3 pills. You cant get around this. You fucked up.
  19. Yes i get it.

    Im a RETARD,im stupid im and an idiot.

    Sorry im so stubburn, all you guys are right i shouldn't of done that.

  20. Wow.. You took 3 e-pills? You must be very experienced with them, because even I wouldn't take that much at a time.

    Prepare for either the greatest time of your life or a slow and agonizing death..
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