Just found out i've been watering my plants with 8.4 PH water

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  1. It explains alot. Wondering why they where so small. With the ph that high that means my plants where not absorbing any of the nutrients i was giving it, right? On that note whats gonna be the best way to fix it. If i used ph down from the pool supplies would that be fine? Appreciate the feed back:wave: thanks.
  2. it is an indoor plants so it gets lots of 6500k cfl light. They growing fine just seem a little small for there age the one i water with distilled water are much bigger. This is my first grow so i'm experimenting. 1 month and a half into my grow i just bought some ph strips.
  3. Such bullshit. I have tap that's 8.5 and it damn near killed my babies.

    I'm going to recommend to flush with 6.3 ph. It will do the trick. Give it 4-7 days to recover then give it small dosage of nutes. That's what I'm doing. Thoughts?
  4. yea bro you need to flush your soil with some pH adjusted water. some pool grade pH down isnt good for your plants. good ol citric acid will safley and organically lower the pH. the only problem with it is it molecularly breaks down in water over time.
  5. If plants can't grow in the water it is fucked up that i even drink it appreciate the info. I'm gonna go get some bottle water and put what in it? Will lemon juice work? Thanks:wave:
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    use a few drops of lemon juice in your water until its the ph u want. then water and adjust accordingly over a few days! ps the chlorine in the water is what gives it a 6.5 - 7 ph. when you Distill water it removes the chlorine and intern raises the ph. always let tap water sit for 24 hours then check the ph. then adjust accordingly.. also when you add nutes to the water that also affects the ph. most are acidic so u may have to counter act that

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