Just found out I have the sickest neighbor:D

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by The Jester man, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. So I just lost my dank hookup, and I hate smoking mids. A couple friends and I were in my garage smoking the last of my bag, and my neighbor comes in. He whips out a pipe that had already been packed, and I assumed it was shit bud. He smokes with us and I realize it was some danky bud haha, and I end up telling him about losing my hookup. Well, he tells me of someone who sells and now I have another hookup, and while leaving he gives me a gram of his bud, and refused to take any money of it.
  2. Good shit dude...why can't my neighbor come over with weed for me?
  3. He has probably been watching you from a far for quite some time.
  4. My mom actually always sends me to his house to ask to borrow cooking related stuff, and he said he was waiting for a time for me to come and ask him if he wanted to smoke some bud haha
  5. thats fucking epic

    and he has been watching you for a while as someone said hahaha
  6. badasss neighbor dude. when i read the title i thot he had like cancer or someshit tho XD.
  7. My whole like block are all like older guys that my dad found out smoke and they've smoked in my garage before with my dad when I was a little kid when he was "working":rolleyes:
  8. The Cannabis gods are smiling upon you. At least the are today ;)
  9. Damn i'm jealous.... wish I had neighbors like that.

  10. lol then he would put D: instead of :D

    badass neighbor though, my neighbor is a fat bitch with loud annoying dogs
  11. For some reason i thought this was going to be a thread about your perverted neighbors, lol but I was not dissapointed that awesome that you got a hook up from your neighbor, I also sometimes buy a sack from someone right next to me.
  12. my neighboor is a nez pierce shaman. Every month he goes to eastern washington to pick traditional herbal medicines. whenever im sick i go to his house and he makes me some weird herbal mixture and it makes me feel hella better. it works way better than that stuff you get at a pharmacy.

    he even helps me find wild shrooms. he doesnt smoke weed but me and him have taken shrooms and mescaline together.
  13. what a good neighbor

  14. now THAT is a badass neighbor, you could never have a bad trip with a shaman at your side
  15. perfect timing.
  16. lucky
    my neighbors are Mormon:mad:
  17. haha thats awsome, to bad none of my neighbors r stoners
  18. Dude, my whole street is full of potheads. 15 out of the 20 people on my street are stoned 24/7. We call it Stoner ave. Hookups are plentyful :D

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