Just found out cousin was a dealer

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  1. So I have a lot of cousins, I think 15 all together. But every single one of them is a really Christian, straight-as-an-arrow kinda kid. Not that I have anything against Christians, and I never had a problem hanging out with my family, but it was like they wouldn't go to youtube, they'd got to godtube (actual site, btw) and if you said a word like ass or damn around them they'd get really offended, so I never really got to be myself around them. However, one cousin of mine was a pretty cool dude.

    We both listened to music like Beastie Boys, Jimi Hendrix, and we hated the christian rock everyone else liked. We'd watch movies like Thank You For Smoking and American Beauty, which our families wouldn't understand and would get offended by, and actually enjoy them. Long story short, we were both the guys who didn't fit in at the family gatherings, and so we'd always end up hanging out together, and we live pretty close, so we'd see each other a lot. But even though we'd talked about it, I'd never smoked until about two years ago, and so we never went out and smoked together. Then he went off to college and about the same time I started smoking, but I didn't ever hang out with him after that because he got an apartment by his college so he was there year round.

    Turns out once he got away from home, he started dealing a lot, and up until a little while ago he was doing pretty well. Then the cops raided the apartment where he and his roomies lived and operated, so he got it all taken away and now he's under close supervision. I just found out about all this yesterday, and it blows. Not only are my chances of finally smoking with this cool dude gone, but he's basically screwed now. He's had to move back home, where his parents keep a close eye on him, give him drug tests, etc. Plus, I bet he had some amazing dank, but I'm more pissed about the whole him getting fucked over by the damn 5-0 part.
  2. Godtube?!?!? AHAHHAHA.

    But as for the rest...that sucks :(
    It'll be over though...eventually. Then you guys can smoke allll the bud you want :)
  3. damn, that sucks
  4. i'm sure he's gonna be family still after he moves outta the folks' house :)
  5. Wow i just found out recently my older brother sells weed... but he dosnt smoke it often.. never would have thought
  6. sucks man im shure he will get back on his feet and u will be able to plaze with him tho

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