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  1. What's up guys, 
    I don't post much in this place but I am a huge gamer and have been for the past however many years I've basically been alive haha. 
    Anyways, I have been moving much of my life (dad was in the marines) and so a lot of my valuable things have been lost over the years. Well recently I moved again (don't live with parents anymore) and I found a bunch of old boxes with pretty much ALL of my SNES (shit pots of games), Sega Genisis (only few games) N64 (missing a lot of games which im sad about), Ps2 (can't even find the Ps2 I know it's somewhere but I have tons of games). 
    I have every chord (power and AV) for each console and I also have the most controllers you can have for each console to. I just tested each one out, they all work (SNES is a little fuzzy sometimes have to put the chord in a perfect position for it to work) basically flawlessly. Each controller is obviously a little used but still very nice, and every joystick still has decent tightness to it. All buttons are in good condition. 
    Basically my question is, and I know it will be hard without specific details dealing with actual games, but how much money do you think I can get from all of these (JUST the consoles since I don't want to list all of the games). 
    I would honestly love to keep all of them but I just can't. I'm pretty broke and I know these things can go for decent money if in the right condition. 
    Anyone have a clue?

  2. Luuuucky. Well it would be hard to appraise all that without full inventory but safely I could say around or over a hundred wing wangs. But if you held onto the older consoles for another couple years they'd only appreciate in value since all the other ones in market will be bought up.
  3. Yeah, I figured the longer I have em the more they'd go up but like I said I'm pretty broke right now so I guess we'll see if I'll even sell them. 
    Who knows, I might just keep em all for myself and play em all over again  :devious:
  4. If your Snes hasnt turned yellow due to oxidization you could sell it for quite a bit of money.
  5. Thats awesome you found all your childhood games man.
    But you threw me off at the end about wanting/needing to sell them for money, especially if you were sad about not finding some other games.
    Idk how much you could get for them, but how valuable are those games to you? You mentioned youve lost most of your childhood things from moving over the years.
    I understand the need for cash, but what were you planning on doing to get by with before you found those games? Perhaps you can just go back to your original plan. Sure, it wont be easy as pawning those games, but hey, you will have kept a part of your (positive) past with you.
    Just sayin, it would suck if you regreted it later.  At times, I regret selling my Super Nintendo, N64, PS1 and original Xbox with all their games.
  6. Most things aren't worth much without boxes. I should've kept the boxes to my old stuff. Sometimes I see things like the old Legend of Zelda OoT for 64 going for 1,000+ bucks on eBay or Amazon. 
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  8. Definitely keep them. I sold/traded in a lot of mine as a kid and now that I'm trying to re-collect them it is more costly now. I have a pretty impressive N64 collection, haven't even started any others though. Well I have a decent PS1 selection as well I guess. 
    I really miss the old gaming days... :( 
  9. Old game consoles aren't worth much to be honest. You could probably sell the snes for $20-40 if ur lucky. N64 is worth about $10. Ps2 about $15. People just don't want those things anymore. You are better off keeping them for yourself.
    Now, there is certain games that are worth money. Others are common and are worth next to nothing,especially sports games.
    Again, you should keep them.
  10. I kept everything I have.
    PS, N64, PS2, gameboy color, gameboy advanced, gameboy advanced SP.
    It is going to be awesome when  I get much older and I look at the old game consoles and remember the good childhood days.  Hopefully some of them will even work till then!
  11. Yeah keep them man, they will be worth a lot more in the future and they are badass to have! I wish I still had a 64,nes,and genesis..
  12. Good call on deciding to keep them. There is nothing better than getting stoned and reliving classic games. The emotional value will be much higher than any monetary value you can get for them on the open market.

    If you're serious about replaying classic games I would strongly suggest investing in a Hyperkin Retron 3:


    It plays NES, SNES, and Genesis games in one compact unit. There are many clones out there that are not worth your money, but this one is different in a couple key areas: 1) the compatibility list is near flawless and 2) it has the inputs for original NES, SNES, and Genesis controllers and accessories (e.g. light gun, joystick pad, etc...). It comes with its own controllers, but they suck as most clone controllers do.

    It's much better than having an NES, SNES, and Genesis all taking up space in your room.

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