Just found a snake outside my grow room what kind is it?

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  1. So im in my garage duct taping the gaps between my wall and my frame for my grow room when suddenly I feel something in the bottom corner next to my AC unit that should not be there so I touch it again and I feel it move so I quickly grabbed a flashlight and sure enough it was a snake.

    What it had done was slither up inbetween the duct tape that I have sealing the Plastic to my AC unit and got itself stuck. After about 10 minutes I was finally able to get it free and I placed it in a bucket.

    The colors are Yellow, Black, and Red

    So can anyone tell me what kind of snake it is?

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  2. Idk but cuz the colors most likely poisinous look at its scales
  3. Looks like a garter snake to me. Completely harmless. The snakes can produce a musk like substance from their cloaca when alarmed.
    EDIT: Do you by chance live in Illinois? They are very common around that state.
  4. Garter snake maybe. Does it smell bad? They usually produce an odor when alarmed.
  5. Yea it smells really bad i've had snakes before and non smelled the way this one does its horrible!!

    No idea how long its been there.

  6. Yea, your dealing with nothing harmless simply let him back out in the woods or something.
  7. Damn learn somethin new everyday, i use to think they said gardener snake
  8. The colors remind me of the simple saying we use on snakes:
    "Red touch black; good for jack" {probably a king or gardener snake}
    "Red touch yellow; kill a fellow" {It's a coral snake - deadly!}
  9. Ok thx guys gonna let him go somewhere now then im sure hes hungry I gave him some water already.
  10. This only applies to snakes with ring patterns.

  11. They do have a snake called a Garden snake, maybe thats what your thinking of. Native to Florida, found in few states.
  12. I came up with that saying back in the ole days. :devious:

    EDIT: 777 *****! :bongin:
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    Yeah theyre all black right

  14. That would be a Black Racer? I'm not sure, garden snakes don't have one specific design.
  15. All green I thought...
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    Oh shit, wats the ones that are black, i see em all the time, huge as fuck, like 5'
  17. Ewww KILL IT!! a black snake ate one of my cute baby ducks i had when i was 11 so ive killed every one ive seen since then. Only like 10 in 8 years but i still hate the bastards
  18. Black rat snake? Usually has a white bottom. Ones around me do anyway, lol. I think some can get a white collar.

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    Haha yeah i was mowing the lawn and i thought was a stick and it moved like fucking greased lighting and i flipped out, i yelled these words exactly " ohhhhhhh shit! Wat the fuck" and i ran soooo fucking fast haha

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