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just found a blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aidenmurrey, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. i just found a blunt in a plastic bag outside my dorm room. it streches from a-h on the keyboard although not rolled very well. the wrapper smells kinda nasty like chocolate. what should i do? someone lost it, should i try and locate the owner or is it finders keepers? im guessing it fell out of someones pocket but could it have been tampered with? idk, i feel kinda paranoid.

    anyways, how cool is it that i found a nice big blunt. have you guys ever found weed?
  2. I found a half oz of kush in my snowboard jacket lol it was a year old so I gave it away. The guy was fucking stoked though I'll tell you that much.

  3. id light that up :smoke:
  4. open it up and check out whats inside and roll it yourself
  5. alright.

    so what you guys are saying is finders keepers?
  6. Yeah. If you lose a blunt, you shouldn't expect to relocate it. I'm pretty sure most people would cut it open, inspect it, and roll it themselves. That's what I would do.
  7. yea dont smoke it right away, open it up and check out the quality of buds
  8. Id cut that shit open, inspect the bud.. smell it etc. then pack up some bowls.
  9. JEA! cut it open and pack some

    oh,and if u can,post some pics

    (WOOHOO 20 posts to go!
  10. My friend last year, he bought a blunt of dro from our friend in like first period, he lost that shit. Fell out of his backpack in the hallway and some kid told the teacher. Stupid kid, if that was me I'd snatch that shit fast as hell.
  11. Inspect the bud and make sure it's not moldy. Then if it's good blaze it up - finders keepers.
  12. Smoke it. Finder's keepers. It's their own stupid fault for losing the L in the first place lol
  13. lol you guys are cautious than me...sheeeit...i woulda had that bleezy lit the fuck up before i even got back into my dorm room homie.
  14. lol is this a serious question?
    unless you wanna go around asking everybody if they lost a blunt.. which they will all respond with a yes. lol
  15. Where do you live? I think you have my blunt...
  16. lmfao totally took the words from my mouth

    yeah dude finders keepers blaze up
    trying to locate the owner is a bad idea, if you ask a do-gooder douchebag they might report you and youd get busted for possesion on school grounds.
    not the best thing ever to have on your school record
  17. Yep.

  18. This plus I bet every person you ask would claim that's their blunt they lost.
  19. or you can sell it and get some shit you know is safe to smoke.
  20. cut dat shit open, inspect the buds and if they're good pack a bowl or somthin. what the fuck u waitin for?

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