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Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Anybody watch this show? Its on ABC right now.

    This shows hilarious, Like only show thats like i can be completley sober and laugh my ass off the whole show.
  2. Everyone at my work talks about this show. They say its hilarious.

    Too bad I don't own a TV :(.

    How you been, KSR?
  3. yea we got it in the UK, theres a US version or is it the UK version, i used to watch it.
  4. Doin my thang. Makin money and making things happen. Was sick the way shit was going so said fuck this, Fuck trying, Im doing.

    Up every morning at 8 out the door lookin for jobs and makin my money. Gotta make ends meet.

    Makin shit happen.

    I think its a US version. I know its filmed in montreal and this show has no talking jus background music and the 'stunts'.
  5. yea same in the UK version lol, id like to see a US version, eithey way its funny as hell
  6. Hahahaa.

    This time they got a dog driving a truck, And everybodys like what the hell? Dog beeps the horn, Old man walks up and starts poting in directions giving the dog directions where he gots to go like its nothing and everybody else is like what the fuck?

    Haha, Shits hilarious.
  7. haha, check this one out


    its fucked up how these people can fall for it lol, but funny

    .... got the shows mixed haha

    Thas a fucked up one. Thas a trip.
  9. Not my favorite show to be honest.:( There is about 1 really funny thing per episode (The porn nun, dog driving car, and ECT.) then the other stuffs minorly funny.
  10. There is never any speaking at all in Just For Laughs Gags, it is a silent comedy show. lol, only in Quebec could something like this be made and become popular. :p

    It is a funny show, some of the stuff they do is just crazy! lol, I sometimes feel sorry for the poor bastards, though, they normally seem to take it rather well, a lot better than I probably would.
  11. lol it was made in the UK too and massively popular.
  12. Yes indeed, there is a sister program that is filmed in Belfast and Glasgow. So I guess, only in Quebec and the UK can something like this be made and become popular! :p

    Ah, it could actually be made anywhere and probably become popular... *cough*


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