Just for laughs. New Wireless Network Name.

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    I was using stumble upon and saw a picture of someone who was trying to connect to a wireless network and one of them said "FBI Surveillance Van". I decided to have a bit of fun. I don't know if anyone is ever going to see it, but I know I can connect to at least 9 different wireless networks in my apartment, so I assume other people would be able to see mine (I just set it up as password restricted, but visible).


    edit: I renamed it to "FBI Surveillance Vehicle 0723". I figured it might be more believable if there was a number associated with the vehicle... since I'm sure there is more than just one FBI surveillance vehicle out there.
  2. hahahaha thats awesome
  3. I had a couple upstairs from me get into a horrible fight and there was one thing the lady kept screaming over and over, and the next day I made that my network name.

    In an apartment complex I once saw a network called, "emo moustache party".

    Crazy shit man.
  4. After a long night of drinking me and my buddy wake up. Today is the day he gets Verizon DSL. While on the phone with a tech it comes time to set up the network name. I see it in his face, he's got a good one. He throws the speaker phone on.

    "What would you like to call your network?"

    It was a middle eastern dude.

    "McDrunky Fistin' Kids"

    I broke out into laughter. The tech paused for a moment. Then repeated the name to be sure.

    It was priceless.
  5. I find it amusing that I've had a wireless network this whole time, yet I never realized how much fun it would be to change the name of it. People are constantly looking for wireless networks, whether they don't pay for internet and are looking to hop on someones network, or friends are coming over and use their smart phones to hop on wifi.

    I'm pretty confident there are people around this apartment complex and in the neighborhood that deal drugs, marijuana or otherwise. I just wish I could see the face of the crack dealer across the street when he tries to hop on some wifi on his new smart phone and sees the "FBI Surveillance Vehicle 0723" network.

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