Just Flowering!!! HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by aliashomegrown, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. I'm a first time grower, i have three plants, all of which are about 4-5 feet tall. I force flowered them 2-3 dayz ago, it worked and Its now flowering, I dont know how long this will take, I also do not know the origin of the seeds. There are only about 3 weeks till fall begins, does anyone think I will get bud, if so how much(approximately). And will they grow well during the beginning of fall. I NEED HLEP!!!

  2. 420 u can do it in one weak but then u must have 13 night and 11 day
    and 3 day,s dark can do the trick but u stand cloace to gett and afrodite male and female inn one it is the best thing to do it like shade420 say and now u must wait and wait from 4waks to 12 it,s the plant that nows this an u iff u now how long it will flower..
  3. aliashomegrown
    u will get some bud, how much depends on the plant.
    just take care of it the best u can. and if ther in pots bring them in at nite when the weather starts to turn bad so the frost dont get it.

    the longer u can let them go tho the more bud u will get. harvest when the weather is getting 2 bad or when most of the hairs on the buds have turned red/brown.
  4. Thanx for all the help, Now that I've found out how the whole thing works i dont know if i'll get much bud, but i guess its better than nothin. c ya
  5. With my last plant I found that if you are growing under lights and u keep it growing until its just bursting to make flowers and you cut off the lights you see results within 2 days....Couldnt he uproot his plant and bring it inside?

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