just fixed my toilet and..

Discussion in 'General' started by theryansicle, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I'm confused.
  2. I'm not a plumber but i would say youre fucked
  3. I'd hate to see how your "toilet" works...
  4. i can't fix anything high..i would make it worse :eek:
  5. I hope you realize toilet germs float in the air around the toilet, which is why it's recommended to keep your toothbrush covered. And your bong's just sitting out there.. probably attracting poop germs. Mmmmmmm :p
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    There is no water in the toilet, hasn't been for a year now. Also lids were closed :p

    tool box was more of a table top
  7. where do you shit then?
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    What do you like to do when you're high then? Lol

    The toilet broke shortly after I moved in, I'm always high...thus why I'm just getting around to fixing it :-D
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    I do own more than one restroom
  10. Ohh sweet bro :)
  11. You sir are well equipped for repairs and tinkering ;)

    I also love to tinker and work with tools blazed. I always put shit down and forget where I put it though, haha. One good reason to have a toolbox; gives you an incentive to put things back where you can find them.

    Ohhh nooo, the toilet germs I have been exposed to my whole life that don't affect me at all.
  12. Ahh, gotcha :p

    I mean, if you like fecal matter on your toothbrush, that's cool :confused_2: I'm not here to judge :smoke:

  13. Lol, I like how you imply that fecal matter is getting on my toothbrush in any significant quantity. I don't care about trace microorganisms that are floating around.

    I guess you might also like to know that a face to face conversation exchanges some saliva between the participants?
  14. Where did I say in any significant quantity? :smoking: I don't mind saliva. I'm more worried about the microorganisms my body's trying to rid itself of than the microorganisms that help break down what comes into my body :p

  15. You didn't say it. That's what imply means. You didn't say it, but you implied it. To me at least, implications are sort of subjective.
  16. So can I get E-coli from smoking weed in a bathroom full of airborne poopy particles?
  17. I'm sorry you thought I implied that. That was not my intention, only to add a little humor to the thread, as well as possibly pique the curiosity of anybody reading. And hey, I even learned something new about the saliva!
  18. Yes. If you believe, anything is possible! :p
  19. I must be high because in the thumb nail I thought it looked like you had installed some sort of steam roller with hoses in your bathroom wall.

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