Just finishing my 1st grow

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    Just cut down 2 of the 3 in my first grow and I think I did pretty good. The Mekong High was first and got 126 gm of some nice buds off her and about 26 gm of sweet little sugar leaves which I haven't decided what to do with yet. The second is my 707 TruthBand which hasn't dried enough to cure yet but gave some HUGE buds. Gonna cut number three my Papaya in another day. Here are some pics sorry if there are too many.


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  2. I recommend trimming your bud, the long sugar leaves make it instantly look like mids and made me cringe a little lol.

    trimming after harvest is way easier than trying to trim it dry.
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  3. I like your use of paper clips and string(?) to hang each branch. I will keep this in mind...

    While it might be easier to trim before drying, don't you lose a lot of the pungency and flavor when trimming before drying?
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  4. No. You just loose what's on the sugar leaves, but make oil or something. Just dry on the branch after trim. It's about how fast it drys not what is drying.

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