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Just finished making DANK Firecrackers

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by sexyvalente, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Ok, so ive made firecrackers like 4 different times, and some reason last time I made them with dank (for the first time) and they didnt work.:mad:

    So, I just finished making two crackers with nutella and .7 high grade bud, and .3 stems. I cooked it in the oven at 320 for 22 minutes. Im going to do them tonight on a very empty stomach.

    I beleive the reason they did not work last time was because I used plain ol' peanut butter, and wasted .6 of BOMB nyc diesel, but the time before that I used .7 of mids and got FUCKED (used same peanut butter), :D:hello:

    So I used a bit more of higher end weed (not crazy, but considered dank), and nutella. So I will update this tonight, or by tommorow, hopefuly tommorow because that would mean I got too fucked up to remeber to respond haha.

    I love firecrackers, I hope they whoop my ass tonight

    UPDATE: Before I take mine, were making my friend whos spending the night some too! Should be a killer night, PC out GC!!!:wave:
  2. I'm making firecrackers tonight too! I need to make them so they actually taste okay though!
  3. cook the peanut butter and weed in a oven safe bowl cover them like normal....but use nutella and the crackers you should use are oreo cookie's scrape out the centre and put in your own tastes awsome
  4. Well it was weird, I took about a hit of bud along with the edible, which I took and hout prior to the hit, and I got super baked, for like 2 hours i felt like Id just finished a blunt to the face, but idk cuz the times ive really been hit by an edible.... ive gotten FUCKED! Idk why but everytime ive cooked with dank they dont working (using .6-1.0) , and using mids (1.0-1.5) I get knocked on my ass! What could this mean? tolerance?
  5. you smoked before (or in this case) during the consumption of the edible. for some reason (related to tolerance) when you smoke before taking an edible, it doesnt work as well
  6. Decarboxylation is a part, or a step of the natural aging process.

    With older mids, or low grade bud, even if it is weaker and contains less potency than 'dank', in the mids more of your cannabinoids have already either been decarbed (or activated), or they are well on their way... just imagine how strong either grade would have been, mids or dank, if decarbed a little first!

    And the effects are even better, and more pronounced, if you process using a pure oil source, rather than one diluted in so much peanut :)

    The mids, already well on their way to being decarbed, only need a few moments of additional decarbing. But the dank, and any more-fresh material, will need around 20 - 30mins at 220 f, and that's before you even make your firecracker, for the best effect. When you smoke, or vape, you are activating or decarbing the material right then and there. This is why a high potency, stronger, fresher bud can provide more intense effects when smoked, but it appears weaker when eaten, if it's processed only minimally, when compared to older, degrading, but activated material. It needs that activation, or you're just not going to feel very much. Activated mids, will be capable of effecting you more, than non-activated dank.
    Be sure you grind it very well, and seal it up in a 'pocket' of aluminum foil before decarbing.

    For more info, and a photo tutorial, check here;

    Photo Tutorial: Med Grade Canna Oil

    Hope this helps. :)
  7. I used to make cookies with an OZ of reg in HS. SHIT GOT YOU BAKED! It wasn't a firecracker though. We simmered the bud and butter for about 8 hours with some water to make sure the butter didn't burn... It's a great recipe...
  8. wtf is the .3 stems for?
  9. First off, take them with a meal for bio-availability. (Or at least not on an empty stomach. This isn't alcohol. THC binds with fat).

    Second off, bake them at 350 for 30 minutes.
  10. Also fuck yeah runescape!
  11. stems have very little ammounts of thc, which is worth it well cooking
  12. I actualy used to always do this until one time I didnt, and I never do anymore because I havent had any difference in experience
  13. I made four today ate them all.I put About 1.2 on each one.I'm pretty high still cgoing.

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