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  1. Whats Up GC! I finally built a good grow cab. It has taken me about three days to get this far, and there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. I still need to seal up all the light leaks and install some exaust fans. I got a new 1000w HPS light so I decided to build a housing for it. Right now I have two plants in there, one Nirvana Swiss Cheese, and one Colorado bagseed(sativa dominant) Here are some pics:

    This is the outside of the cab:
    Opened up:
    1000w HPS:
    Here is the veg chamber, 160w of CFLs
    Here is my Swiss Cheese Lady, She is 52 days old from seed, and 26 days into flower:
    Here is the Colorado Sativa Bagseed, I rescued this plant from my buddies first attempt at hydro. This thing has had nothing but problems its whole life. Im just now getting her back to full health:
    Here is the entire cab opened up:
    The undergrowth of the swiss cheese:
    Colorado Sativa Cola:

    My plan is to stagger the flower box and veg box, so that I can harvest every four to six weeks. What do you all think? Any suggestions?
  2. Decent job on the homemade cab... What are the temps like up in the flower chamber? You could probably utilize a lot more square footage with such a high-powered light; based on the beer bottle in one of the pics, I'd guess that a 400 or 600 would fill that space just fine. Not saying this won't work, just a little overkill in my opinion. If you're able to control the temps, then your girls will definitely respond well to that bad boy. :D

    Do you know how far into flowering the bagseed is? Did you put it in soil after your friends hydro mishap?


  3. ^ this...
  4. Dude, it looks mint. Hopefully that 1000 wont be to warm, but im sure you figured out that before.

    What do you have vegging? Anything? You might want to lower the cfls. That only really work when theyre like 2 inches away.
  5. Damn thats a nice cab, but like everyone else said, isnt 1000 a little overkill? Im sure you have the heat figured out well. I was scared of adding a 600w to my 5x5 space but it ended up working out well. Cant wait to see this up in full production.
  6. Right now the temp is a little hot, high 80's to mid 90's, but if i leave the door open a little it cools down to about 78-79. I know I still need to install an exaust fan in the flower box and in the veg box. I agree that a 1000x is a little overkill, but the balast, hood, bulb and inline exaust fan only cost me $45. I just dont have a bigger space to put it. I can always install a small A/C unit if need be.

    The bagseed was started some time in june so my guess is about 6-8 weeks in to flower, it is impossible to tell for sure. After the Hydro failure I transplanted into FFOF with 25% Pearlite and 25% Vermiculite. They are getting a dose of FF Tiger Bloom twice a week.

    My next project is going to be some seeds that I bread, When I first planted my swiss cheese I was lucky enough to get a male, so I put him outside in the ground and polinated a few buds of a different Colorado sativa bag seed. I hope these beens give me the best of both strains. I think Im gonna call it Colorado Cheese.
  7. Dude, all you need is a strong exhaust! I'd mount it so that it draws air from both the light chamber and the flower room. Does your veg room have an exhaust fan? There's a 425 or so cfm squirrel-cage fan for around $100 that would vent all 3 chambers of your box nicely + you'd get the added benefit of being able to attach the whole set-up to a scrubber!
  8. I am going to exhaust the flower box and veg box separately. I think I am going to use two more 650cfm 6" inline duct fans and mount them just like the one for the light. Then I can use two ducting tee's to connect all the exhaust into one tube, and maybe heat my garage this winter.
  9. You've got a 650 in the light compartment!? If that's the case, all you need to do is run a flexi-duct from the veg room to the light compartment & add some holes from the flower room to the light compartment. You'd also have to add intakes for both the veg and flower room.
  10. The hood is kinda like a cool tube, it is completly sealed up. The only way I could use it is to connect the intake of the light to the exhaust of one of the other rooms, and I really dont want to recirculate hot air. Id rather be safe than sorry and have too much exhaust than not enough. That way I can controll each box's climate individually. Ill get some more pics of the progress later today. I have 12 swiss cheese clones gonig in the veg box tomarrow or mon.
  11. Just a thought - tryin' to save you time and money - the light can handle heat better than the plants. It is common to use multiple hoods like yours inline being cooled by one fan. If you make the intakes to the mom and veg room adjustable, you will be able to control the environments separately using the one fan set-up I described above. Here's an illustration....


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  12. Gotcha, Ill give that a shot and see what happens, Thats not a bad idea! Thanks! Pics of my breeding experiment are comming soon!
  13. I just finished some minor improvements and thought I'd share. I have most of the light leaks sealed up and I have put in some intake and exhaust ports, so the temp is steady at 78 with the doors closed. I took some pictures of my outdoor breeding experiment, this is my first attempt at breeding so I'm not sure what the outcome is going to be. I have two male Nirvana Swiss Cheese that I am using to pollinate two of my Colorado Sativa bagseed.
    What do you all Think?

    This is all four, the two big ones are the Nirvana Swiss Cheese males, the smaller are CO Sativa bagseed:
    The two Colorado Sativa BagSeed:
    My big beautiful Swiss Cheese males:

    I dont have a zoom or a macro on my current camera, but I'm looking to upgrade soon so I'll get some close ups when I can.

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