Just figured out I prefer indica over sativa(my story)

Discussion in 'General' started by PistolBerserk, May 7, 2011.

  1. The week is over for me. No school. No work. Time to chill out in the sun and smoke some dank herb and listen to some chill reggae or some Pink Floyd ;) I'm puffin on a J of some nice sativa. For some reason I'm just not enjoying chillin outside like I usually do. I don't really like how i have so many fast thoughts- usually i don't mind this, but the things i don't really want to think about keeps going through my mind. My mind is just everywhere. Some paranoia as well. I'm not bashing sativas or anything but i just prefer an indica high. Also for the situation I'm in right now(chillin outside) smoking some sativa might have not been the smartest idea. Wish i was living in an mmj state so i can pick my buds according to the high i'm looking for and i wouldn't be in this situation. As of now i don't know what my high is gonna be like until i smoke because i can only get supplied what my dealer has. In my smoking 'career', so to speak, i just figured out I'm an indica guy.

    Did you ever figure out when you preferred a head high(sativa) or a more chill, relaxed and couchlocked feeling high(indica)?

    Or do you just love both sativas and indicas the same? :cool:
  2. I'm more of an indica man myself, as well. For my situation, it helps more medicinally than sativa.

    I've also had a sativa that was picked too early and did not care for the paranoia, etc. As long as they let it go long enough and I feel like a "pick me up" high, it's good for a change, but mainly it's indica for me.
  3. I prefer sativas.

    I like the energy and creativity that sativas give me.

    I hate the couch potato stoned feeling I get from indicas.

    Somtimes I like to smoke sativas and roll and play
    around outside in the grass. Sometimes I smoke it
    and explore nature. Sometimes I just smoke it
    and hang out with friends outside.

    Conclusion. I prefer sativas. I would never smoke
    indicas unless I were just going to sit around and
    watch tv all day.
  4. I hear you. I am a bit weird, I like to keep a few different strains around, usually with a 70/30 or 60/40 dominance of both Sativas and Indicas. Then it depends on how I am feeling and what if any activities I am planning. Just love the variety. :smoke:
  5. At this point I smoke to help anxiety and it's usually just a very small amount when I feel the symptoms of an attack coming on. I prefer indica for this as well. In small doses, you get the relaxed thought flow without overbearing drowsiness.
  6. I love variety too. Just as long as the Indica dominance in hybrids is higher then sativa. To me it is just amazing and just right for me.
  7. i prefer sativas, or hybrids with higher sativa content. indicas just put me to sleep.
  8. Body high without a head high is just boring IMO.
  9. hopefully my next pick up is what i want :)
  10. For me, I prefer indica strains; as Fencewalker said, its more from a medicinal standpoint...

    It slows down my thinking, but it keeps me in good humour. With sativas, my head starts to go into overdrive a little too much, which is neither good nor productive for me.
  11. I like some 60/40 (Indica dom. and Sativa dom.) Or I'll go with indica.

    Sativa just makes me.......too paranoid of my surroundings. Maybe if regular sativa strains had more CBD, I'd enjoy them more.

    Plus i really like gettin couch locked and watchin a good movie or playin a game.
  12. How do you tell if it's it Indica or Sativa by looking at it?
  13. you cannot tell by looking at it. You must smoke it to find out what effect it has on your body.
  14. If your harvesting, Sativa is normally tall and skinny buds, while Indica is normally small but fat. If i'm not mistaken.

    Other then that you can't tell unless you smoke it.
  15. Indica>Sativa
  16. Yeah i prefer Indica as well but sativa and hybrids are still nice!
  17. Yeah makes sense man. Indica is where it's at for relaxing on the grass outside. I used to prefer Indica, especially heavily dominant Indica that was 80/20+. Slowed me down a little too much when there's Sativa as an option, and started to enjoy that high more. So then preferred Sativa strains. That's not to say im strict and will always pick up Sativa, sometimes i'll go with some nice Indica.

    On a side note im surprised the majority of the posts here are saying Indica. I'm used to people saying Sativa.
  18. I've smoked a lot of weed in my day and I must say this, even with indicas i can still get a nice head change.
  19. I also like Indica or Indica dominant hybrids. I like the mellowing/relaxing effect of them.
  20. Hypothetically speaking..

    I prefer indica dominant hybrids.

    I enjoy the nice relaxing buds, I don't particularly enjoy my racing mind when I'm on some potent Sativa, rather I enjoy the nice in-between mix.

    Too much body is a boring thing, but when your body and mind are in sync, that is pure relaxation and medication.

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