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  1. ok guys i have no money and just want to see what will go on so i have knollege when i get money for florecents and miracle grow an a few other things

    ok i am using a small foldgers coffie can as a pot

    got some potting soil

    got a grow area (my closet)

    and i got one grow lamp (i think its a heat lamp but my dad said it was a grow lamp)

    eaither way idc i am broke an just experiminting

    so how long do i keep the light on the soil when i put the seed in?

    and how will i know if a seed is good mine all look black an a few look light green

    how wet do i want the soil?
  2. You need to do some research and read some threads, all the answers are there. And not to be an ass, but spellcheck wouldn't hurt either.....
  3. done tons of research hell i was reaserchin it before i started smoking weed i have looked it up alot an know the basics but meh i am still gonna experiment and if u know where i can find a spell check tell me because honestly i dont give to shits and aint gonna look it up just to please a few people but u didnt come off as an ass i just came off as the ass:smoke:

  4. How is this not being an ass?

    Being unable to spell everything correctly is NOT a problem Op, as long as we can understand you. :) Don't sweat it.

    Keep reading as much as you can, it can't hurt. ;)

    Check your seeds by dropping them in a glass of water, you want them to sink. If they do then the chances are they'll be viable.

    Get a couple of daylight cfl lights, (really cheap to buy and run) and your plant will be happy. A cfl can be kept just a few inches from the top of the seedling. It will need light as soon as it pokes it's head out, if it doesn't get the light it needs it will stretch.

    Is your potting soil organic?
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    What she said.

    Expounding a little on the bulb, ideally you want 6500K daylight bulbs, some bulbs advertised as daylight are 5000k. That said, I use quite a few 5000k's and I havent really noticed any difference, but in theory you want the 6500k.

    Search around here for germination. There are probably as many different ways as people here. but the jist is the same, dark and moist. I just throw mine in rock wool and toss them in the aerocloner, the spraying keeps the rockwool wet.

    So you can try any of the methods you find in that search, a wet paper towel in a ziplock in the closet is the most popular I think. or If you put the light about 6" above the soil and bury that seed about an inch deep, keep the soil damp, i bet it will pop up.

    ANd to the dude above being an ass. In his defense, in most places on the internet his response would be totally appropriate. It's just the message baord culture to give a guy a little grief for not using the search.

    But here its different. If you're hanging out in here, you can expect the same questions over and over and over and over, this place has a high turnover of new users seeking help, this is where they come for that help and if you're here you can help them, or ignore it IMO.

    helping these guys with a little personal experience, information, or just wild guesses can be the difference in success or failure for them. And the more people successfully growing their own marijuana the better for the entire effort, imo.
  6. not sure if it is organic lol just found some in my grauge an thought what the hell lol and yea i am done growing for now sadly dont wanna spend 2 years in prison (still live with parents and if my mom catches me i am spending 2 years in prison)

    thanks man =] atleast i think this was in my defense idk but eather way and yea i am gonna try that paper towl method when i do start growing should be intreasting just gota build a stealth grow box:smoke:

  7. Good decision man, :) Not at all cool to grow in someone else's house.
  8. for sure =-] :)

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