Just dropped all my keif....FML.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SotalyTober, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Fucking damnit, It wasn't alot...but damnit I worked hard for that.:(

    Managed to get about a bowl pack left, pretty stoned right now.

    Kinda bummin though.

    This happen to any of you blades before?
  2. Yeah man that's the worst, it happens though.

    Shit sucks...
  3. I dropped a bowl of nug today outside but whatever

    I still got high :smoke:
  4. haha this is reminded me of the part on how high when he puts all his weed on the paper then on his dash and turns the heat on...lol...id be pissed, and i hate when a(or my last of weed) bowls going and some nub decides to choke and boom no more weed=(
  5. dropped mine in my desk drawer...panicked because i was already vaked
    sucked it up through vape wand...
    not well thought out
    shit blows mane
  6. Yeah, it's just like a kick in the balls haha.

    I aint even mad though, got high.
  7. oh yea sure been there done that.
  8. Yeah that sucks as much as spilling a grinder full of weed all over carpet. So hard to get any of it back :(

  9. Always in the kitchen bro!
  10. omg i feel everyones pain with dropping kief or dropping the last bowl.

    :( shit sucks
  11. I rolled like a half O into joints and had a grinder full of keif but my buddy spilt it on his leg, I told him to snort so it wasnt going to waste, he just bitched
  12. not with keif but one day i was dry so my good friend comes by and brings about 3 bowls with him we smoke 1 bowl then sense it was his weed he wanted to grind it in my grinder well hes high as shit and while in the process of grinding forgets to sit the grinder down to remove the ground bud. so he opens the grinder while grinding and hes holding it in the air well he opens it and next thing i know a bowl of bud goes all over the place it definitely sucked but at least at the time we had an extra bowl of weed.
  13. [quote name='"JesushBryce"']I rolled like a half O into joints and had a grinder full of keif but my buddy spilt it on his leg, I told him to snort so it wasnt going to waste, he just bitched[/quote]

    You won't get high from snorting kief lol.
  15. ive set my bowl up and scrapped a bowl of kief into it from my grinder only to bump the table and have it go allll over the floor lol

  16. damn....
    at least u got stoned...
  17. is it really that funny? :confused:
  18. Actually never.

    By the time i'm scraping the kief out, it's usually alot, so I tend to treat it like a surgical procedure, with my particular instruments:D Namely a flathead screwdriver for scooping the kief.

    I love packing a bowl of almost nothing but pure kief, with just a thin layer of weed on the bottom as a base. Always makes me cough a lung but gets me high as hell.:smoke:
  19. That sucks, bro.

    One time I bought a bag and spent like 15 or 20 minutes grinding it all up & picking out the seeds. I had all the finished product in a small jar open on my bed, next thing I know my girlfriend's dog jumps on my bed like WTF is up and my weed fell off my bed. I wasn't about to smoke carpet weed...

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