Just Dropped 75 On A Stupid Grinder

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  1. And I don't regret one bit!

    What an upgrade from my generic Amazon grinder I got for 16 bucks in December of 2012!

    I got the usual metallic shavings in the medicine, grinding mechanism gummed up with plant matter, and just an overall unpleasant experience.

    But I figured, I paid less than 20 bucks for it. Might as well as keep using it since it's already "broken" in.
    I even cleaned the screen with iso and toothbrush to maximize the pollen collection.

    At least no more metal shavings.

    Not so fast my friend!
    Saw a nice piece of metal sliver in the medicine last night, and decided I'm going to purchase a quality grinder.

    The local head shop I visit carries Santa Cruz. And I was leaning towards SCS over Spacecase anyways after all the readings I've done here.

    Almost $80 bucks out the door for the large sized one, all the skepticism was thrown out the window with a single twist...

    Is it smooth!

    The medicine is grinder to perfection, down to the puffiness of the well shredded proportions.

    The material of the grinder itself is top notch.
    Just such a mechanical action when you twist the grinder, and just feel so effortless, while joyful.

    The screen is as advertised, providing the purest crystals.
    But it does sacrifice in quantity tho...

    Overall, money well spent Imo...
    For less than the cost of a quarter of medicine in south Central Wisconsin, I have the grinder that's hopefully going to last me for a long time.

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  2. kinda looks like the one i got for 35 bucks... i doubt anything is different between the grinders any1 else bought. just brand name brotha
    nice color though
  3. Shes a beauty

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  4. That's just flat out not true. Santa Cruz Shredders are known to be some of the best grinders out there.
    this. i will never buy any other grinder brand again. SCS is imo the best ginder on the market, with Cosmic Case being a close second.
  6. Its not bad to spend a little more for quality. 
  7. your old one was shot to shit, stuffed with buildup
    even a new $10 grinder would feel amazing in comparison
    enjoy your purchase tho
  8. People saying cheap grinders are just as good are idiots. Didn't you read his cheap one was giving off metal shavings? you'll never get that with a crusher and it will last a life time. This is like talking shit to someone for buy a sov or toro
  9. ive been looking for a grinder to buy im prob gonna try and cop me one those for sure lookin real nice
  10. Ugh square teeth instead of diamond shredders? Tbh I don't think that grinder is worth 80 bucks...
  11. Just to echo what everyone else have been saying...

    I've always just gone through cheap grinders cause I didn't see the point investing $30+ on a grinder.

    But if this grinder is as durable as every claims, I have a feeling I won't be spending another dime on a grinder for long time.

    In about a days time, and roughly 2 grams of medicine grounded up, I'm happy to report that the kief amount is rather impressive considering how fine the screen supposedly is.
    Please refer to pic.

    Would love to pick up a 2 pc Space Case titanium for on-the-go.
    This thing will not fit in any pocket of mine...

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    Both of the statements above are simply not true. 
  13. Wisconsin represent! And hell yeah, anything is cheaper than our qauds here, hell, that's cheaper than most the eights...
  14. I bought a sharpstone off amazon and wish I had rolled the 45bucks into a spliff just to try it instead. I will be looking for a higher quality  grinder for my next purchase since this one is missing more teeth than most hillbillies.
  15. that shreddar is sexxyyyy
  16. Unless the SCS is casted in naturally blue metal (lol not gonna happen), it was painted just the same as his old grinder was and will flake paint just the same after some period of time.  A 5$ wooden grinder would grind the weed just the same as the $75 overpriced grinder he just bought just the same as a 45 dollar middle of the road grinder would.
  17. So what makes it worth $80?
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    Whaat?  I've never heard of problems with sharpstone grinders.  I've had the same one for years and its still sharp, works great, and never had any kind of problem out of it
    Missing teeth? You mean they broke off?
  19. I've seen some quality grinders for 45$ in the store. They look the same.
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    Bro, it was made in fucking cali and has a lazer etched name on the lid, I mean it is painted just like any other painted grinder and is made out of aluminum alloy like 95% of other grinder, wtf do u mean how is it worth 80 bucks ? :rolleyes:

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