Just drank first attempt at poppy seed tea!

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  1. I researched it online and found lots of reports of people making an opiate containing tea from large amounts of regular store bought poppy seeds. It sounds to good to be true but after reading a bunch of reports I decided to give it a try.

    So I bought 3 bags of poppy seeds from the health food store where I work. Each bag contains 8n oz. (227 g) of the seeds and their even organic.

    So I took a one liter bottle of fiji water that was 1/4 full of water and added the juice of 2 lemons. I then poured one 227 g bag of poppy seeds in and shook the mixture for a few minutes. I let it sit for a half hour then shook it again.

    By the way I created this process from various reports I have read about online. I then loosened the cap slightly and squeazed the bottle so only the brownish liqid would come through.

    Then, about 20 minutes ago I gulped it down. It had a slightly unpleasant bitterness but it wasn't to bad at all. I then cut a piece of ginger root to chew to avoid any nausea.\

    So its now been 20 minutes and I feel a slight sensation of euphoria but I suspect its mostly placebo effect. I heard it takes like 45 minutes to kick in so I'll keep you updated.

    Not sure if this is going to work but I'll soon find out. The theory is that poppy seeds are not washed before being sold and since they come from the opium poppy they retain a coating of opiates. Hopefully this is true!

    So, has anyone else ever heard of or tried this?
  2. I've heard about it but never tried it. I'm interested to see what happens though.
  3. Never heard anything like this, interested though.
  4. ive tried it a couple times but,ive never used the amount your supposed to,usually use like 60-100 grams one of these days im gonna start growing them an harvest the opium.

    but from my understanding is that there's all different kinds of poppy seeds in the market so you never know if your getting the right ones with the alkaloids you want,

    and as far as if they wash them or not im not clear on that,Ive heard they go threw a wash cycle to wash of off most of the drug but still a little bit left over,so if you get the right ones your sure to get fucked up.
  5. Ok, its been one hour now and I do feel a little mellowed out but I'm probably just tired from not getting much sleep last night. Nothing out of the ordinary I just feel like I took a xanax. I was hoping to feel definite effects by now but after reading more erowid reports it seems that it can take an hour to kick in.

    I'm starting to think that the seeds may have been washed though. Maybe if I buy cheap bulk seeds I'd have better luck. Who knows:confused_2:

    I'll let you know if it kicks in later on
  6. next time order the poppy pods from ebay, and when you make your tea you need to have the liquid in a pan over some heat. not enough to boil it, but almost. that does in fact work, and i have a huge opiate tolerance so i know it would have fucked up someone who has no tolerance. i had a really nice, warm mellow buzz going for the rest of the evening. smoking pot increased the floaty, fuzzy warm feeling tenfold.
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    How large was the healthfood store? I'm looking for one in the same state. Also, would eating the leftover resin or powder result in a high?
  8. fuck the seeds go with pods...
  9. word i'm looking to try this soon as well....didn't think about using seeds though everywhere i've looked has said to use pods
  10. theres really no point to the seeds cuz theyre so weak/unpredictable. pods are the best legal high ive found on the web, well actually theyre not legal, but tolerated.
  11. lately i've been making poppy tea for maintenence but I buy my poppy pods through an online vendor.
  12. Poppy seed tea can be very strong. The strength of seeds varies a lot from bag to bag.

    You gotta use alot but the many times i've done it, I have gotten pretty nice. I use the same procedure to wash my seeds.

    I get my seeds from a dunken dounts industrial size bag.:)

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