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    I was just reading about Russia sending all of those tanks into Georgia[and how it may cause us to go into another war].

    [On a side note:]I wonder how many takes we have and how many we would have if we were boarding a high-risk country.

    We, though, put our money into our airplanes. We have some bad-ass planes.;)

    edit: oh, in the poll - towards not twords. sorry peeps - i'm pretty baked.

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  2. It's a different Georgia. Not the U.S. one. But either way yes, America is spiraling downward pretty fast and as far as I know there's no end to it in sight.
  3. Yeah - I'm talking nothing about Ga here, bud. I'm talking more about the SSI being drained, the generation that is being raised right now... Not the teenagers, the ones under them. They are coming into a very hard society bro. Generally speaking, not at any one in particular.

    Things just seem to be getting out of hand internally.
  4. Oh..? Maybe I'm just an idiot but your first post is slightly confusing, if that's not what you're talking about. Anyway, I'd agree with the latest generation being pretty fucked in at least a few ways.
  5. I think I cleared things up, yo. Thanks.
  6. Muuuch better. :)
  7. Im the first 'I really don't care'? Im Canadian so not many things that happen in the US interest me much, although they probably should haha
  8. fuck yesss we are without a doubt going down the shitter! we need....a new president and a better foreign policy other then going round the world kickin ass. we need new young blood in washington because i cant take these old, greedy, corrupt mother fersss any more. O and we need to legalize marry J this way maby the money made back from the taxes will make up for the social security I wont have when Im 60 b/c bush used it to fund his playtime in the sandbox.

  9. i was gonna say "i'm pretty sure we'd be bombin shit if russian tanks were in georgia"

    i dont think theres ever even been a war fought on US soil other than fighting amongst ourselves
  10. I answered your question "No" just because I believe I looked at it differently. I believe we are going to have an uprising with the common person but a downfall with the govermental America we know. So it really just depends on how you define what is happening.

    My personel opinion is we are headed for better days but worse ones might have to come before hand. Just my 2 cents. Not a lot of time so I will elaborate later. I like where this is headed.

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