Just do it - 1000w soil scrog - Jack Herer - Acid

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  1. This is my first real grow using techniques iv learned here as a blade.

    Started about 4 weeks ago with 4 clones that where in flowering for about 2 weeks causing them to take forever to re veg.

    Day 1 at 18/6

    Day 16, 18/6

    Day 30? 18/16

    I am going to be building the scrog pretty soon, this whole lst and scrog thing is new to me so it will def be a learning experience. :)

    I am using 10g smartpots
    Souls synthetics
    Veg: grow, infinity, (amino aid) soon
    Flower: bloom, big swell

    Any advise and comment would be appreciated.
  2. Looks good man how long you plan on veggin?
  3. [quote name='"manwall"']Looks good man how long you plan on veggin?[/quote]

    Another 2 weeks maybe longer. This is my first time doing a scrog so I'm not sure on how long it will take to fill up a 3x4 screen.

    I was thinking about making a 3 plant L shaped screen, and having one of the plants have a screen to itself so I can pull it out making work on the other 3 plants alot easier.

    This is going to be one big learning experience. So far I am loving lst :)
  4. yea LST is awesome easiest thing in the world man ima try scrog next grow
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    Little update

    Pulled one of the Jacks and put in a Acid that has been growing like crazy. Decided to get myself a bubble bucket going, kind of jumped ahead of myself now I have a ? deficient plant and no way to test why. So far Iv got a water PH test kit and Iv been able to get my PH to 6.0 and used soul synthetic grow and GH CAliMAgic but im still getting yellowing at the base of leafs and little to no growth.

    The pic of the bucket is when I first put it in.. Ill post a updated pic tomorrow.

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  6. Finally got my Scrog going now just another week or 2 of veg and I'm gonna flip it to 12/12.

    My hydro was a fail! My whole root system is cover in brown slime/mold so Im thinking about cutting of the nasty roots and putting it in soil. Not sure if it's even worth it, I read feminized seeds hermi when stressed and im sure transplating like that would be enough.

    Here is a pic.

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  7. there almost to the screen..

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  8. Touched the screen today. Going 12/12 in 6 days ;)

    ANY response would be cool haha
  9. Im sure you know all about the effects of trying to veg clones from a flowering plant :S other than that, those puppies look good! Fantastic strain. Any reason you're flowering so early? Seems like 4 weeks of vegging is pretty quick, but I'm probably wrong.
  10. I'm pretty sure I'm in week 6 or 7 right now, kinda lost track when I accidentally threw my calender away haha.

    The 3 jacks I have are already bushy monsters due to LST in the begginging so there are defiantly more than enough tops to fill that screen x2.

    I figure 7-8 weeks is good enough, next time im definatly doing a different scrog method.
    I'm diggin this method
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhcMaygJH0g]Best Scrog video ever!!! - YouTube[/ame]

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