just did my first shroom pickup. 10 grams for 90 bucks. 1st timer questions!

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  1. Im a regular weed smoker. (daily) I just did my first shroom pickup. 10 grams for 90 bucks. The guy said if you eat like a gram or 2 it should be good. I have no clue how to take them.


    I also hear you drink orange juice or eat oranges with them. True or false? and why

    Any tips for a first timer?:eek:
  2. Okay, so you should eat an eighth for the normal. Thats what 90% of people do. If youre heavier, slightly more, if youre lighter than most people, slightly less. I weigh 205 and I ate like 4.0 my first time.

    Drinking orange juice will help the shrooms get into your system faster cause OJ is an acid. Also, I've heard of people drinking milk if their trip gets way too intense too fast because milk is a base.. but IDK the truth to milk working.... but OJ is legit.

    Man, I loved shrooms. If you can smoke afterwards, like 2-3 hours after. You get a high like your first time smoking for about an hour. Its killer.

    I might go get shrooms tomorrow :D Thanks man. Have fun!
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    Give yourself a gram or a gram and a half at first, since you have so much, just so you can get a feel for whats going on. Do it in a safe place with people you trust if you can, but I did all my first shroom trips alone and in my bedroom at night and it worked out just fine for me. Probably the most important things you can do are stay positive, remember that you're on drugs and it'll all go away, and turn off your phone. I always found that looking at clocks would fuck with me (what does it mean!?) but sometimes its fun to watch a clock tick by really slowly.

    As far as the orange juice... who knows? But it certainly tastes good. Just keep your head up and keep having fun.

    You can read till about shrooms till the sun goes red giant on us or you could eat them and learn for yourself :)

    Baby steps is a good precaution.

    Edit: No disrespect to the guy above, as I've heard a lot of people recommend an eighth to first time users, but I really would go with a gram and a half or maybe two at most if you're really confident about yourself. Shrooms are fun but they demand a certain level of respect and rushing into it blindly could leave you with a bad trip and no intention of ever doing it again.

    After all, you've got ten grams so you'll have plenty of opportunity to trip balls.

  4. Im 5'5" 123 lbs. yeah im light. how much should i eat. my suitemate said DO NOT EAT an eight!!!! lol
  5. Why would he say not to eat an eighth lol. Thats how much everyone I know does, and how much we all did my first time. It was great. Just stay positive.

    I guess you can start out with like 2-2.5g and eat more in an hour if you feel you should.
  6. ^ dont listen to this person, if you take an 1/8th your first time it might be too much for you to handle if there potent shrooms, eat like 2.5 grams and wait 45 min-1 hour and if your feeling good then eat another maby 2 grams and you will have a wonderfull time.

    I just say this because im 6' 4'' 240lbs and i eat 2.5 grams my first time and i dont think i could have handled more.

    Just have a positive outlook throughout the whole day and then when your ready eat them with a CLOSE friend and have a blast.

    I say CLOSE friend because if you trip with someone your not comfortable around it can bring out akward feelings and really wierd negative thaughts, Its hard to explane but you will understand if you trip.
    Tripping just naturally brings out wierd and akward feelings but its so awsome.

    If you start having a bad trip just tell yourself everythings fine and take a step outside to get some air, The main reason people have bad trips is because when they trip they have a bad thought and then they keep thinking about it.
    If your tripping and you start having a bad trip just think happy thaughts and keep yourself positive and you will be fine.
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    Experienced shrooms for the first time last weekend. Took 1.5 and I gotta say, it was definitely something worth experiencing, even considering the low dosage. It was a great day though, really a great trip I would say. And it really was a trip, you feel enlightened coming out of it. However, I have read on erowid that after tripping, people usually don't have a desire to trip again right away. My friends and I ended up doing them again for a second day in row (hey, we're on break, it's all good haha) and for some reason, during the coming down of it, it was the oddest thing but we all got a really really really heavy three way depression. The peak was great, nothing but laughs, but who knows why we all felt really depressed at the end (maybe because it was over?). I can't even describe why it happened, and neither of us knew why. Luckily though, we shortly snapped out it just an hour later.

    Ps- I'm five nine and 150, I would definitely not consider them as something to be taken so lightly as to say jumping into an eighth. As someone mentioned above, get a feel for them first, because even off 1.5, I gotta say the peak was definitely a different intense feeling. Nothing close to bud.
  8. id eat between 2.5 and 3.5.

    And 90$ for 10 grams is pretty high.

  9. Sounds pretty much like what I'd be paying, which is just under average for my area.

    Either way, he's already paid the money. Let him focus on eating them :)
  10. theres good advice^^ I would like to add that they taste like moldy carbord just drink or eat something after and it goes away fast but god dam those lil dudes are worth the taste! I love shrroms only done them 3 times tho... eating anywhere for 1.5gs to 3.5 will be a great frist time...... you tolance bulilds really fast so strech out that 10 grams for better times. and have fun dude!
  11. Damn its not as big of a deal as everyone's making it out to be. Seriously, Just eat about 2-3 grams to start. If you feel you need more, go for it. You're not going to have a shitty trip or freak out unless you're in a bad state of mind, or you let yourself get freaked out.

    Just keep in mind its just a trip, its going to be fun, and you're not going to die. That's all.

  12. Great fucking advice man! :D Im pumped as fuck. Im doign it next saturday and will definately post what happens. :smoke:
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    I'd say to eat 2-3 grams your first time.

    Be sure to walk into Cumberlands while you're tripping, that places is ridiculous on mushrooms. Ashuelet Park is another good trip walk.

    As for the orange juice. I always drink a glass with mine because the acidity helps to cut the flavor of the shrooms. People will tell you that it strengthens the trip... It doesn't, it's all placebo... It might slighlty decrease the onset of the trip, but I still don't have solid evidence that this is so.
  14. Eat a gram at first and see how that does ya, then eat more if you need more.
    Just be care full because I have had acid/mushroom trips go from hella awesome to a nightmare in the blink of a eye.
  15. ive consumed 2.3 grams and got obliterated. be careful!
  16. if it's your first time then eat 3grams but comprised of the bigger mushrooms rather than small ones as in my experience small mushrooms and aborts tend to be more potent than big ones.
  17. i ate a half-eighth my first time, and it was a grrrreat trip

    i'd say eat 2g

    & like everyone else is saying, be positive. seriously i went into my trip expecting to have an awesome time. do the same as i did and you'll have a great trip
  18. I had 2 grams my first time, and I had a blast. The walls were breathing, the shadows were dancing, and the ceiling was dripping. I had some wicked shrooms that time.

    Just to let you know they taste nasty as shit, so eat them on some pizza and a drink to wash it down with... if you can, smoke some herb after you eat them, because some people get nauseous after eating them, and the herb will def. help with that, plus it will get you prepared to be trippin.

    have fun :hello:
  19. Yea im so excited to try it. Im going to start off with 2 grams. I have some caps and a bunch of stems too. should i just eat caps my first time or mix it up? :confused:

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