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Just did 2.5 for 50 bucks...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by austin., Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Meh, Prolly could have found a little better, but my buddy is going 30 miles one way and 30 miles back, so keep in mind thats also counting gas. I got a scale and already established it will be weighed out in front of me, I don't usually get dank, how should I enjoy this? I'm not looking to conserve, trying to find a job so I gotta quit smoking soon, so Im looking to go thru the sack in 2 maybe 3 days at the most.
    Will post pics once it arrives!
  2. Should've just paid another $10 to make it an 8th
  3. What you could do is roll 3 fat blunts or just roll one fat ass blunt. The whole quarter make it like a Cuban cigar almost. My favorite is a pipe or a bong. I feel you get more throttle out of each hit.

    Hey I am new and need help how do you post forums like this one??
  4. Whoops didn't know if was some dro. You can use a pipe to make it last or just roll a fat blunt.
  5. Still, I would have had to cover gas, and 50 bucks is all I have to spend no matter how hard I try to scrape the rest. I'm basicly looking to get blasted, more so tomorrow than tonight, but tonight I might smoke a joint in my room. Gotta worry about the smell though...

  6. I'm guessing your talking about a new thread. When you go to the page that lists all the threads, its on the top left, just above the stickies. Hope this help, and welcome to GC

  7. dank blunt=smoking a twenty dollar bill
  8. Yeah not gunna do any blunts, maybe one joint, i dunno.
    The strain is Blueberry Kush, anyone ever had it? Tastes kinda spicey, had a few hits the other day...

  9. if ur worried bout the smell dont smoke a joint man that shit will reek horribly. Smoke a bowl and quarter it, or smoke a one hitter and dont let no smoke out.
  10. I cant stretch 4 night time solo sessions out of 2.5 of dank , I also smoke it through a bong and eat a lot of mangos to get the very most of every crumb ,
  11. if ur looking to get really faded off it a couple times u should make a gravity bong and smoke a gram every session that should get u pretty ripped..:smoke:
  12. if u wanna get toasted i suggest you save it.

    2.5 won't last you 3 days.

    smoke it all at once out of something that incorporates water, like a bubbler or bong.
  13. for $50 you can get an eighth(3.5 grams) and that's the "norm". Im kinda pissed of how pricey weed is around my city aswell, still looking for the alright $10/gram mids. till then ill be saving my money.
    I get faded off of .25 joints, so you can tell my tolerance is low.

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