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  1. Im sitting here about to smoke, and Im going to use my pipe. I can use a bong but I would have to drive to my friends to get it. I know bongs are alot better and cleaner but I really dont care. I was just curious about how much higher you will get from a bong then a pipe if your smoked the same amount?
  2. You get the same amount of THC roughly around 5-10% depending on how dank it is, unless youre smoking ruderalis which is 1% (lowryder#1). A bong just lets you have smoother hits.
  3. the same. if you smoke .3 in a bong i don't think you'll get more high than .3 in a pipe. the bong just gives you bigger hits but you don't get as many cause you take huge hits but in a pipe you have more smaller hits
  4. Greetings,

    The other posters are totally correct (except THC content gets much higher than 10%). Just another factor to consider is the cherry.

    When I smoke out of a pipe, I usually grind it, many people do not, cause the herb to cherry and letting smoke pour off the bowl and be wasted.

    Some people do the same thing with a bong. You're always better off grinding your herb, so you can take it all in one hit, that way you don't waste anything.

    I guess it really boils down to how you smoke.

    The methods are both just as good, more of a personal preference really. Sometimes I really enjoy the harshness of a pipe or joint.

    Yours Truly,
  5. Go the extra mile and get the bong. It would be worth it for sure.

  6. question: if a bong has vodka in it will you get drunk/high
    ive heard from ppl you do and others that it takes the thc out
  7. Take shots of vodka and smoke the weed. Dont put vodka in a bong, lol.

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