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  1. Hello everyone. I am just curious. I am growing my first plant from bag seed. It was the only one in the middle of one of the buds. I figures what the hell why not. Of I can get at least a half ounce from one plant I'll be happy. So far my plant is 18 days old. From the day i planted it. It took two or three days to sprout using the wet paper towel method. It grew tall fast because I kept it outside. So I got an LED that is 300 watt replacement with 4000 lumens and 5000k natural daylight. So far it is 4 inches from the ground to the top and I now have 7 fingers growing on the new sprouting leaves. There are sets of leaves growing at the stems where the branches start. They are only 3 fingered leaves so far. It is a little bent because I didn't have the light for the first few days. I cut the little round leaves off from the sprout. And so far all the leaves seen to be healthy and none are dropping or turning colors. So my question here is, how does it look to you guys. I have plenty of pics to post here lol. I don't know what strain it is and that's really I want to know besides the sex. And that is too early to tell yet. Thanks to anyone if you have any advice. Right now it's kept in the kitchen and is put away at night for dark. There is plenty of air flow where it is at.

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  2. You'll never be able to tell a strain from a picture. You can guess but that's just a crapshoot. The most you'll be able to tell is if it tends to be an indica or sativa dominant strain or what it kind of looks like. Obviously you probably won't know the sex until about a week into a 12/12 light cycle. Are you running 18/6 or 24/0 for veg? You should veg for a least 6 weeks. I only did about 5 1/2 weeks from seed to 12/12 but I grew in hydro dwc. It's faster.

    I would consider pruning it soon, if not today. I don't know if you plan on doing that or not. If I was growing one plant under one light I would prune it a couple of times to get more tops spread even height under the light. If you do a good job you can get up to 3-4 oz's off of that plant. Good job picking up a decent light.
  3. 18/6 For now. So by topping them off that will make the plant widen out with branches and thus producing more buds?
  4. Yes I topped my two plants twice and they have now completely filled out a 3x3 canopy
  5. Holy crap!! So by topping them or whatever you got that with two plants?? I am amazed. I will definetly doing as mush research on this topic now lol. They look beautiful!! ❤❤❤ too bad they don't have a little emoji for a heart pounding out of the chest like they do on cartoons. I'd so use that right now lol.

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