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just curious

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Buddwyer, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Now, I could be making a fool out of myself asking this, but say you're smoking frequently, and have found yourself smoking with, say 15 different people. If one out of those 15 that you've smoked with, (assuming you smoke blunts) had a disease, or an STD, could the excessive saliva on the blunt be in so many words a gateway to "passing" it along?
  2. i thought you couldnt get a std just from spit? its after all a *sexually* transmitted disease and passing a joint isnt sexual, lol. but if its herpes then yes you can get it.
  3. i guess you could get herpes like that
  4. lol get "general" warts on ur lips
  5. Gential? *
  6. genital* hahahahA
  7. There is a Very low chance of getting a STD through saliva.However, if there is an open sore in the mouth of the person who is infected the probability of infecting others increases significantly. Other diseases are more likely, but because you didn't specify which ones its hard to say.
  8. You can't get HIV through saliva but you can get type 1 herpes aka cold sores.
  9. it was a joke. like you know if it wasnt only an std and could get it on ur lips thats why i had quotes
  10. Just say "yo you got herpes?"

    If they pause, run away. If they say no, you're good!...If they take a moment and then say no, run away.
  11. Lol.. thanks for the heads up :p
  12. Yeah, I found myself pondering on that last night as I was rolling up. The amount of people I've smoked with makes me question shyt like that. Thanks for all the replies :)
  13. I think about that too... I don't smoke with people that I wouldn't take a drink from lol. Not that I share drinks with peeps lol
  14. Shyt man, in today's day and age you'd be a fool to hold a conversation too close to someone with that shyt.
  15. okay oral herpes and genital warts
  16. it'l probably spread sickness just as if you sharing a cup with someone sick. it being weed won't change how bacteria travels....

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