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Just Copped Some "Fire Mids" +PICS

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Gucci L, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. what's good ladies and gents, decided to play some j dilla and post this. just copped this from my main man, said it was some fierce fire mids. looked pretty frosty, its 29.2 grams, so basically a ounce and change. haven't smoked none yet, but heres the pic:


    thoughts would be appreciated. more pics in a few days. along with a smoke reportt
  2. looks good money..
  3. looks similar to the stuff i have atm

    no name nice mids but they looks tasty bruv
  4. nice mid upicked homie
  5. Looks pretty good gucci.
  6. thanks jimnut, vergz, robbie_420, and my dude york;

    someone guess how much i got it for ;)
  7. How much costing?
  8. $100 usd. :d
  9. Looks great man. Looks even better for 100 a zip.

    Any out of the bag pics or macros? If not no worries. I'd buy that any day of the week.
  10. Nah not out the bag yet, i didn't even take it out the bag, my dealer has these sealed bags, poked a small hole and smelled it. imma go home and take some, im on a G1. (google phone).
  11. Cant wait to see them, nothin like good cheap mids
  12. Great lookin' ganja at a great price. Where are you from?

  13. That's a steal! Nice and frosty looking too........ Can't wait to see that out of tha bag. PROPS man.
  14. nice buds for a nice price. :wave:
  15. the rotten apple. (NYC).

  16. Hey, I usually pick up Fire Mids too. (high mids)
    Usually at my place it cost 40 for a quarter of
    that. 70 for half an ounce. and 130 for a full

    Well, that does not look like fire. Fire is suppose
    to have orangish or redish hair. That looks all
    green. :smoke: burning a blunt right now. haha
  17. what is "fire mids"?
    those are two different ratios of quality
  18. man im jealous

    i wish i could get some shit like that for 100
  19. Looks like great mids! !00 is a steal for that!
  20. 100/ounce?
    Shit i'd be picking that stuff up all day

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