Just contacted my dad after over 4 years.

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  1. i looked up my brother on facebook tonight. i haven't seen him in 4 years either. he looks exactly like my dad now. in some pictures they are side by side, and they look like the same person, just an old and young version.
    idk, i guess seeing how much my brother changed made me feel like i was missing out or something.
    so i sent him a very short and simple message.
    idk if he'll reply.
    i'm tired of living in fear though. i've put off contacting my dad for the last 2 years pretty much because i was scared to.
    i guess that one is pretty big, but i'm tired of stupid little fears holding me back from life. so what if he doesn't respond. what changes then? what do i lose? everything just returns to normal. potentially something good could come of it though. so i'm going to try and stop letting my fears control me, stop thinking about things so much.
    next time i'll go talk to that girl. so what if i get rejected. there are literally thousands more here.
  2. some deep shit bro, what happened if ya dont mind me asking?
  3. he kicked me out of his house, and i swore to never talk to him again when he did that.
  4. ha, ive been there man.. got kicked out of pops house moved in with my moms, maybe try and talk with him? i talked to dad over time and shit worked it self out.. but i know the feeling of being kicked out of a place you once called home and sent some where were your out of zone, man it fucking sucks, but after two years im back with with my dad, just talk to him... im not sure why you got kicked out, but for me it was drugs, i still smoke to this day, but now im a adult and he cant say shit.. but man i know what its like to be kicked out of place you once called home, maybe give him a call and let him know how you feel?

  5. Awkward story... You just word for word (literally) told what happened with me and my dad haha.

    But then college came calling and well, who can turn that down? But it can all work out in the end. Don't wanna try and say it WILL but given the right circumstances and an adequate amount of effort from both parties, it can work out just the way you want it to.

    Tiger Woods the bitch. (just do it)
  6. hes your dad. Of course he'll reply. Family is family.
  7. I can feel that almost 100%

    Good luck man
  8. I feel you man , but your his son , and first son I'm assuming .. Your dad probly has too much pride to admit it but he probly cries in secret over your absence , a dad and his son is a bond no force can break , get him back in your life bro ... Your like his mini me man
  9. go you op :hello:
  10. actually i'm his youngest son out of three.
    he responded, just said he was getting on a plane for Germany and he would send me a longer message when he landed.
    idk why he is going to germany, but from my brothers FB pictures the three of them seem to have just recently gotten back from germany.
  11. hell hit you up bro!
  12. im sure hell accept you back man. love the motto as well dont let anything hold you back take advantage of every scenario you can to maximize your life it is yours after all
  13. started living my life by this a couple weeks ago, deeeeep blade
  14. no longer message has come since he said he was leaving for germany on friday.
  15. You're takin the right steps i was an asshole to my dad and stopped contacting him and i made him feel real bad. Good job for making things right.
  16. My mom kicked me out and moved to Hawaii with my brother and her boyfriend. Left me alone and gave my sisters to my dad. My dad kicked me out and tried to get my girl to leave me. Two years later, I'm on my own and have a fiancée and a beautiful child. I did it on my own. Fuck them.
  17. My dad and I weren't on such great terms when he died. Safe to say I regret it. We were both pretty thick-headed and it didnt make it easy with the anger we shared towards one another.

    I hope it works out for you guys,.

    Fathers & Sons,, nothing beats it!
  18. don't beat yourself up over this. You may regain a friendship with your father, you may not. I can feel the pain you carry in your post and that needs to be put to rest. I'm sure blame can be assigned in one way or another but blame is worthless emotional baggage.
    You have made the first move buy making contact. If your act of contrition or forgiveness is not reciprocated try again next year. If you are again rebuffed then I'm with flapflip....fuck it and go on with your life.

    it's a hard world out there with lies, betrayal, heartbreak and prison but there is also love, friendship, loyalty and freedom....of this I know well.
  19. If your father hasn't contacted you by now, then seriously fuck him. Better off without him if he doesn't respect you enough to contact you. Otherwise, he would have done so once he got to Germany. Family should always be #1, I guess he doesn't feel that way pertaining to you. If he doesn't want to be in your life, then proceed with yours. Better to let go than be hurt ; You don't need him to be a man.

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