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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SuiJuris, Sep 19, 2002.

  1. my little girl isnt little anymore... ;-) shes got little white hairs growing, pretty site, I am going to try and get some good pictures in a few minutes, well, quite a few actually, gotta wait till twelve, but its amazing at the diversity of the plants i have, one has all purple stems, and a mint scent, ones growing and keeping its axials porportioned to its size, and yet another is growing but seems to be reall bushy short stemmed (bud sites) growing on the stem, perhaps its just that its a foot tall and is still in the coffee i have not been a good father to that one, hey its the middle child what can i say...

    but anyway, I grew a short on a few days ago, it just showed its 3 set of leaves, and seeing as trial and error are the best ways to learn, I decided to try and make this one short, and bushy from the start, so i fimmed its 3rd showing set off, to see what would happen, and it seems to be now focusing its energy towards growing the bud leaves (im calling them axials, is this correct terminology with this plant?) this topping thing is confusing, is there a way to ensure branching? I topped one, (the purple stemmed one) and it hasn't branched out in over a week and a half... why is this? any simple explinations for this hard head? thanks alot...

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  2. my fim attempt, three new tops

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  3. I topped her 3rd set off, to see what will happen, all trial and error for me.

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  4. :)

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  5. :)

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  6. mason jar bubbler ;-)~

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