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  1. Just cut down my first plant ever n got a hefty yeild.. It was a auto flower in dwc.. Id say i got close to a lb..anyways im got them on hangers about to put them in a closet with my hot water heater to dry... N my research says close to 10 days to dry but these collas are pretty hefty n after there dry i put them in glass jars for a month.... Could i use a tupperware container or a bucket with a lid to cure the buds... I just dont want to have to break all the buds real small to fit in the glass jars.

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  2. You're gonna skip the step between hanging and jars thing?
  3. Buy bigger jars. Don't reinvent the wheel.
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  4. Just break down the buds.
    There's no advantage to big colas,
    If they're too dense they can mold.
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  5. Assuming you are showing the whole shooting match. You are right...it looks to be about a lb and after it dries it will be about 9 oz. WTG
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  6. I got alot of smaller buds im just gonna put them on top of my kitchen cabniets n let them dry out.. What i got hanging is just the collas i got a few oz of buds from the bottom half also seems like they need alot more trimming... I still have a little bit to trim. N i guess im just gonna break the collas down after they dry n use regular mason jars or the flip lid seal jars... But over all i am so happy n excited with my first grow... Ppl were saying not to do hydro for my first grow... Well i am deff gonna keep growing hydro!! Thanks for the tips
  7. Where did you get your auto flower seeds from and what strain? That was one auto plant? That is good yield.
  8. Amsterdamnseedbank something like that.. Super cheese lol.. They took like 5 months to grow tho 1 died.. The buds good i over dried it n the buds werent all that tight doubt it was light issue i think it was cause of the heat. But 1st grow 11oz off 1 plant. I got think diff and auto mazar im gonna try next.. So all autos dwc dont yeild that much?
  9. Nope! You did very well. Most autos if done well, 3-4oz. Good job

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