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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by sidious, Sep 2, 2002.

  1. well i was just in my bedroom chillin having a few hits from the bong and then realised to my horror that there was no music on.....i looked at the cd player and in it was a smiths cd.....i thought....na...good band but i wasn't in the mood....so i went to get a cd and there it was the first one a seen.....Led Zep 2 and i thought ...ooohhhh...yesss......what an album...what a band.....this may just seem as a rant but for the fact that....when i usually go to get a cd, i end up sitting there and going through them all for hours and thinking.."i listened to that just the other day"....but not this one....what it does in all, is give me more time get stoned some more, and also to get more pished..........Peace out.....Sid
  2. Yeah i never know what music to listen to anymore when i'm stoned, i don't have many cds to go through anyways so i always end up turning on the radio and calling in stations to try to get them to play songs about weed or some icp.
  3. man i couldn't even think about using the phone when i'm stoned....i'd just end up hitting the giggles or forgetting what i was talking about..."what's this post about again??"..lol.....Peace out....Sid

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