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Discussion in 'General' started by stonie jo, Nov 14, 2001.

  1. ...nothin' important. My ol' man is behind me kickin out some sweet beats on his (electric) skins. I'm hittin' my bong and cussin' my thirteen year old in my head.

    BTW...if any of you out there have any questions about anything in life...anything at all....ask me. My oldest boy has suddenly become the knower of all things to be known. I'm serious!!! I don't care how old you are, where you've been, where you went to school.....wait...that's right....this just applies to me. He knows everything I know. I have nothing of substance to offer him except food, shelter, utilities....

    It sucks bein on the other end!!!!
  2. lmao,..."knower of all things
    i have myself a 9 yr old whiner for all things
  3. Stonie jo, How i know what you are saying. My 15 year old thinks he is 90. He thinks he has been there done that more than I. I still let him know that even the people who know it all, don't know shit sometimes.

    Highawatha that sounds like my 10 year old. He thinks he can pout to get everything he wants. Sometimes it is cute the way he does it.

    Peace all
  4. People who think they know everything really screw it up for those of us who do!

    I guess I can relate, but on a little different level. I got a wife and 2 daughters. So basically, I'm sick of women. Well, I love 'em all, but sometimes the estrogen becomes overwhelming around here. I'm not even gonna go into the PMS thing! How could that sweet, little package that use to idolize me, ride on my shoulders, depend on me to provide the answers to life, the universe, and everything, turn into a firebreathing junior witch from moodyland.? At what point did I become a crazy ol' shithead who's soul purpose in life is to ruin her good time?

    On the upside, about 5 months ago, she and I were down in the pasture burning a brush pile, and COMMUNICATING! I ask her if there was anything she wanted to talk about before she became a teenager. She looked at me in a puzzled way. So I told her that very soon, she was going to think I was the crazy ol' shit mentioned above. I told her that I loved her and I would see her on the other side of the teens.
  5. I got a 5 year old princess that thinks its her job to be mom when Mom is not around. How would you feel if your kindergartener told you "Do you boys think its my job to pick up after you all the time?" while she 's holding your dirty clothes.

    God help me when she gets older!
  6. I work with this old mountain guy sometimes. His saying is, " first thing I knew I didn't know 'nuthin."

    I remember when I was in my early twenties. I knew everything. And what I didn't know was not that important anyway.

    I feel more like the old guy everyday.
  7. Stoneyjo,
    It gets better. My daughter just left after we had a great thanksgiving dinner. She is 28 and thought she knew everything for years and today she told me just how special I was in her life and how wise she thinks I am. Damn near dropped a few tears after that. They begin to come around just when you think they over the edge. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!
  8. 12 years later and he still wont listen!
  9. haha This really cracked me up.

    I'm about his age and I know EVERYTHING. :smoking:
  10. Oh, it just keeps getting better! :)
  11. LOL my niece and nephew are just like that

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