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Just checking in. Wanted to see what is new.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bobbert, May 14, 2006.

  1. It has been a while since I have really posted. Earlier today and just now I tried to make a thread in the seasoned tokers section because I tend to stay in that section most of the time. Everytime I could click submit it would load a blank page and not post the thread I wrote. So this is about the third time writing all this down.

    Spring break came and went and once it was gone schoole exploded in my face. I have been so busy with school/social/ junk I have not been on the forums much this past month. School is going well in one class, ok in another, and badly in the third (failed). Luckly though there is about a month left... although it will be a busy month.

    On the glass side of things I have gotten two more peices. When i origonally wrote the thread out I could not find my camera's battery charger. I have sence sound it and will post all the photos at the end of this thread. The first peice is a great natural peice I got. It was half off and hits so freaking hard. The second peice I got was free it is nice little bong that hits great. The shop i visit all the time is about to start selling their $100 or more pieces online sometime soon. I will link you guy when they get it done. I took all the photos for the site. I am going to sell a few of my older pieces off, maybe on ebay just depends. I could stand/afford to get rid of a few things that I don't take enough advantage of (like the three foot zong style bong).

    On the weed side of things I have just recently gotten a new conntection. I was doing some computer work for someone I know when I finshed up they payed me in with a tip from a really nice plant. I took it over to my friends and we toked up, we all agree it is some of the most chron-tron of the chron. It really has to be some of the best weed I have ever smoked. Needless to say I now can get 250 oz of this stuff anytime i want. Before that i had also started buying through a friend who knows his dealer really well and could get 220 oz of some really decenty stuff. It just does not compair to how great the stuff is that I am getting now.

    I just wanted to see what the forum was up to, anything new/exciting? I should be around more often... summer is comming around too. I will be going to Sasquatch this year in Washington. If you're going to be there let me know... I will probbaly run in to you. Anyway glad the fourms are still around. Sorry i disapperd for a while. Now for the photos.









  2. I was wondering where you went to. Not much new around here man. still gettin high and chillin :smoke:
  3. Not a whole lot new at the city. Thanks for the great post about those brownies, they definately inspired me to go ahead and try making some. I am going to be watching this Homemade piece contest that is running. I hope some really creative pieces will come from it. Glad to see your still around though, you havn't posted in awhile, or at least I havn't seen them.
  4. Yep got really busy. Still am sort of busy, but hope to check in more often :)
  5. glad to hear it. and i absolutely love those new pieces. i really like to sherlock style pipe. It is getting to be time that i get something new(next weekend i am thinking)

    those buds look so tasty too, you never cease to amaze me with your stuff bobbert :smoke:
  6. Smoking out of the little bong now. Me and my friend both got one for free. We were shooting all the photos for the website he is building and he payed us with the bongs. We called them the wonder twins. "Wonder twin powers activate. Form of BONG!"
  7. You know you hafta grab some rep heh, but also, man one day, probably when im in norcal, I wanna head up to wherever you get your glass. I'll drop you a line if i do.

    And by that I mean that glass is so stunning it's almost sexual. But I am serious about checkin out that shop.

    and man I'd be so up for buying that zong
  8. you should check with the admins and set up your own thread with the glass you are looking to sell. You could move that stuff faster than a shop probably could on here.
  9. You cant sell stuff on here really. So technically I am not selling anything here but poeple can pm me if about it if they want.

    Yea the shop is going to have a online place to buy soon if you want Herbs. When ever you make it up to seattle though I will give you the adress of the place.
  10. I would buy your zong, but how in the world would you ship that thing!!!
  11. your back, holy shit. you are the man bobbert. comin back in style with some new glass too i see
  12. hey Bob, this is my first time seein' ya, but welcome back!! :)

    And love the pics! Very nice pieces and bud.
  13. Hey bobbert...great to see you around again!! :wave:

    As always, love those pieces!!

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