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Discussion in 'General' started by Mortikai, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. I'm still at home through the summer and my mom found out that I smoked a couple months back\. She's been threatining me with some random drug tests but as of yet she's only tossed 1 at me that wasn't even random so I was able to get clean beforehand just by not smoking.

    Anywho, I've not been smoking for like a month and I'm sure its out of my system cuz I've only smoked a few times before that. I'm thinking about tokin' up tomorrow with a bud cuz school is out after tomorrow and it's time to celebrate. I was just wondering how long this weekend toke would take to get out of my system just in case.

    Btw I'm like 5' 8'' and only 120lbs with a real high metabolism. I'm thinkin I'll probably be straight after a week or so cuz with summer i'll be sweating and excersising regularly.
  2. Oh yeah, a week will definately take care of it. Back in high school one of my friends got caught shoplifting I believe, and they piss tested him at the youth detention center. He was fine and he smoked a couple days before that. Thing is though, its impossible to tell-you might metabolize THC really slowly while others(like my friend, who managed to pass a bunch of tests, lab and home) might metabolize it quickly. Hope that helps, but I'm guessing you'll be fine. Wouldn't know from personal experience because I've never had to piss test in my jobs, including my current one.. which I am thankful for. Not sure why they'd care if us sound techs were stoned anyway, not like we do anything physical, but who knows with this crazy oligarchial society we've got in the US.

    ANYHOW, I'm pretty sure you'll be fine man.

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