Just Caught Roomate Stealing From My Stash

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  1. So I recently traded 3 extra wiz khalifa tickets i had for a little more than an eight of some unknown dank. The eigth was two big nugs. i only took one hit of it in my Zob before i had to run for class so i put it in the jar in my stash drawer and left for class. when i came home from a four hour math lab at 1am i couldn't wait to smoke and relax but when i looked at my jar i could instantly tell that it wasn't the same as when i left it before. both nugs had been pinched id say maybe about .5g. i was like wtf man. so i asked my roommate what was up and he denied it at first but then admitted it saying he was having problems with his gf or whatever. what i dont understand is why he would steal my bud when he had bud of his own. he apologized but now i dont feel like i can really trust him again.
  2. Tell him to pay you 20$ or smoke you out.

    Forgive, never forget.
  3. well he hadnt smoked it so he gave it back. He's a friend of mine so i wasnt pissed or anything but i wont forget.
  4. Get a mini safe. You cant trust ANYONE these days mane. Its sad :(
  5. I'm a pretty easy going guy, live and let live. But if you try and steal from me forget it, I will blacklist you, exile you from my presence forever. You can never trust a thief. I have a friend D, who I suspect has stolen from me more than once (steals lighters, small amounts of bud, I'm pretty sure he stole a pipe from me) but I don't have proof. If I ever catch him stealing from me he will be banished.
  6. Now are we talking King Theoden banished, or Exorcist banished?
  7. I was thinking more like "flushed" banished.
    Yeah fuck that...friends stealing from you, regardless of excuse is a no-go.
    Just fucking ask...if I'm within my means I'll help, that's the kind of guy I am...and if you steal from me you completely spit that in my face and I'll have no more time for you.
    Again, fuck that.
  8. This. Your roommate has lost your trust. Now he/she/it has to EARN it back. This really isn't something you should just let slide, it is most likely a behaviour they will have no qualms repeating in the future. I would go to your local hardware store and get a lock for your bedroom door. If you live in a dorm then...umm... move off campus.
  9. he's a dick for doing that, but he admitted it at least.

    just let him know he doesn't ever have to steal from you, and that he can always just ask, that's what friends are for :smoke:
  10. Well for him stealing it that was bad get a safe or find a really good hiding spot i meen you trusted him so maybe it was out in the open like where you woulda see a cookie jar... but yeah forgive him hes your dude do a smokeout and just chill man although if he smoked it yeah i would be pissed i got some dank now and i would not want that gone cause in NY in my ghostown you cant find good bud often... :wave:
  11. people always check the underwear drawer....get a little more creative with your stash spot...Looks like now you have to since there is a theif in the house.....
  12. I agree with the mini safe idea.
  13. Did you use the words not cool bro???? that seems to make people feel pretty bad lol im high
  14. damn that sucks. im from ny and its harder to find mids etc. than dank. but on the other hand it was stashed in my bud dresser. Drawer1 has all my bong equipment, Drawer2 has random shit like papes, blunts & bowls. Drawer3 has the bud and grinder. i love having such an organized stash and the last thing i wanna do is have to hide my buds cause when i lived back home my parents were cool and shit.
  15. why would u trade wiz tickets for bud?!!?!?

    taylor gang or trade tickets for an 8th.
  16. Feeling like you can't trust somebody who just took something of yours and denied doing it is completely legit. If he's having problem's thats one thing, but not fessing up to it when you asked him, thats dumb.

    Your roommate thinks your an idiot obviously. He thought he could get away with stealing a gram out of an eigth...lol. He's the idiot.

    If the guy is actually having problems then talk too him about it but seriously stealing your roommates weed to deal with said problems and then denying it? Not cool.
  17. im still going i had my own ticket already. my dealer asked me to hook him up because he doesnt have a credit card and he got me back with bud. it would be the same dollar amount if were to pickup which i needed to anyway
  18. Haha straight. Your a LUCKY man. Id love to see da Wiz live. Have fun mane. :cool:
  19. I agree with what someone else said, forgive but never forget it. In other words, hide your stuff, and don't trust him with anything again. A mistake is a mistake, but stealing is a planned, thought out execution. And the fact that he lied about it first, then used an excuse after admitting it makes it even worse. Man, I'd be pissed. You should've chewed him out. I can't stand liars...
  20. easy, tell him to give you one real good smokeout and you guys are good.

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