just cant find any??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by easygrower, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. ok my plants have been flowering like 2 weeks..
    and before i started flowering i used some liquid ferts 7-1-5

    ive been around looking for some ferts for flowering MANY places but cant find it anywhere.

    i dont know shit about ferts all i know is that i need something with a high number in the middle like 10-50-10 hehe yesyes i know thats lame but thats boring stuff to read about..

    so what my question is , does it really get me that much bigger buds? should i keep looking until i find some? or will it be ok without..

    ive seen people talk about double even tripple size buds with ferts for blooming is it really that efficient?
  2. hmm..doubt it'll triple it, or even double, but it will certainly help out your yield..its not a neccesity, i've known quite a few peopel to get a decent yield without using a thing extra besides water and soil. If you can get the 10-50-10 or so, definitaley do so, but its not a neccesity and dont break your back trying to find it.
  3. yeah^^^^
    they may help a bit but mine did alright with out

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