just cancelled my gamefly account,

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  1. After three years of service i just cant afford 15 bucks a month to rent one game.
  2. yer gamefly is behind the times, every two months buy a game on steam instead.
  3. I've been using gamefly for years too and love it. It's really the only way i can afford to game. Basically no place else lets you play 15+ games in year for the price of a couple new games. I've also saved a crap load on buying some used games from them.
    1 game in a month? You mean 1 game at a time? Some months I go through 4 games other times I'll keep the game for the whole month. Upgrading to 2 games at a time is probably worth it but I haven't done it yet, either way totally better than buying $60 games.
  4. Yeah dude I dont know what you are complaining about I think blockbuster does the game pass for $25 a month, 1 game at a time.:confused:
  5. Don't rent games from blockbuster. Such a rip-off. 8 dollars for 5 days of gaming.
  6. Yeah they are a rip off, I agree.
  7. yes stay away from blockbuster. I just read they re-instated their late fees too. bahh. gamefly is the best way to go. Um they just sent me fear2 on the day of release!
  8. How is the new F.E.A.R. game?
  9. Oh shit I forgot FEAR2 was out today.
    Buying that tonight 4 sho.
  10. I forgot about Fear2. Sounds like a trip to EBgames...
  11. I would like to use a service like Gamefly but I don't have the time to play that many video games to warrant the cost.
  12. holy crap Fear 2 is out today?

    Be back in an hour, going to pick it up!:D
  13. I usaully keep the game a whole month because im so busy with running around from work to class, so in reality im paying 15 dollars to rent a game that i barely played for 15 dollars when i can buy the game for 50 and have it as long as i want
  14. at my local blockbuster the last time i rented a game it was like 9.50 after taxes i havent gone back since. and i was a good custumer. Ive been thinking about getting game fly what do they do charge my credit card once a month?
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    FEAR 2 looks sweet, I should get it either today or tomorrow. keep it price is only $43 so I might be buying this one.

    They way I think about it $60 for one new game pays for almost 4 months of gamefly. So even if you only play one game in a month it's totally worth it. I don't want to own all the games out there, I just want to play em for a little bit.

    Gamefly is $17 a month for 1 game at a time and $22 for 2 games at a time. Way better than blockbuster.

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