Just cancelled college classes tomorrow

Discussion in 'General' started by Trae713, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. LOL, DFW people are scared of the ice and snow. Time to smoke a nice joint to celebrate :smoke:. Anyone else have no school tomorrow due the strange winter weather affecting like half of this country? God I feel like a little kid again.
  2. I got a ton of emails from professors saying we might not have it.

    And our fucking water pipes broke in our dorm... Can't drink the water or anything.

    Fuck this weather.

    No classes ftw
  3. Tomorrow night we get blasted, so most likely no class on wednesday :hello:
  4. winter storm is here now most likely no classes today or tomorrow
  5. We're getting hit tomorrow night but my school never cancels classes so I'll probably just have to walk to class in it :(
  6. Sucks man. All the people from Green Bay and Pittsburgh are laughing at us in Dallas now, as we go through this little Winter frenzy. The place shuts down. I had already planned on not driving to school tomorrow, but my college just granted my wish early. :D
  7. SoCal got hit with another beautiful sunny day :p
  8. all my classes were canceled last week, honestly i dont want this weeks classes canceled.
  9. I remember back in Elementary school we would get 5ft easily and the most we got was a delay. Guess the PC folk are scared of a little snow.
  10. I honestly am not liking having my classes canceled... I'm paying like $1860 this semester. So thats like $180 worth of school I'm not getting that I paid for you know? I want every dollar I've paid for. Fuck you SNOW, FUCK YOU!

    Not to mention I'm so fucking sick of shoveling my fuckin driveway... Theres like a foot+ of snow already, tomorrow it's gonna be like 3 feet... FUCK!

    I look at it like this:
    It's like If I copped an Ounce and only got to smoke 7/8ths of it. I'd be pissed... I want to smoke my whole OUNCE! Not just some of it.

    Then again I'm actually going to school for ME, and not just for shits and giggles.
  11. No classes here but I'm not smoking...
    Guess I'll just skip rope, do some yoga and some body weight exercises...
    Still have my martial arts class gaboosh.

  12. Haha, whenever I see towns practically shut down because they get an inch snow all I can think of is how many people wouldn't survive Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo or Albany. Even in 2 feet of snow we have classes in rochester lol.
  13. oh i better have my 7:30 lab cancelled :|
  14. I'm from the DFW area but go to college in the midwest... We're gettin pounded and no cancel... fml. I miss Texas :(
  15. chicago never get school cancellations, we aint no bitches. but really i wish my class is cancelled2moro

  16. We're getting two inches of ice starting overnight.

  17. you go to OCC in Auburn Hills? I go to Royal Oak and Southfield.

  18. is that good or bad? idk? i heard its 15-20 inches of snow
  19. my work passed out flyers today reminding us of our "attendence policy". If we are not there it will be counted against us. Fuckers!!!!
  20. All of my car doors are frozen shut and I can't leave for donuts. :mad:

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