Just came back from Amsterdam

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by LightBringer, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Hey Ya'all

    I just came back from Amsterdam yesterday, and yup the dope was awsome.
    I smoked blueberry. white widow, black widow,silver haze and bubblegum.
    I'd say I liked the silver haze the most.

    I bought 10 white widow seeds in the SensiSeedBank store. Soon I will start growing them and include some pictures :hello:
  2. i look forward to see how you do with the white widow, since i am as well growing it. Good Luck
  3. How much did you pay for those seeds? I have a friends that will be there in a little while and I am wondering if its a better deal for him to pick them up for me than ordering online for my next grow...
  4. get your friend to bring some back for you. theres no guarentee that you will receive them in the mail. the government can open up any package they want. if they open it up it gets confiscated nonetheless. and your out 20,30,50,150 bucks for 10 seeds.

    it is so ridiculously easy to move product across customs, i have celephaned an ounce of g13xhash and taped it to my leg. drug dogs were there and they didnt even glance or think about sniffing me. so you can only imagine how simple it would be to put 10 seeds in a sandwich bag, label it with the strand name, and put it in your pocket.

    just travel with confidence, if it appears your a normal traveler, then you ARE a law abiding citizen getting on/off a plane

    good luck
  5. The seeds were 37 Euroes. And the price was for 10 non feminized seeds.

    yea I agree, I was able to walk through the customs with the seeds no problem. They produce no smell at all.
  6. I would never carry contraband through Customs. True the chances of getting caught are small, but the penalty, even if remote, is mighty big.

    Go rent "Midnight Express."
  7. label it with the strand name? jesus christ
  8. btw, if you wanna carry seeds across a border, a good idea would be to slide them into the barrel of an opaque pen and chuck it somewhere in your clothes, or preferably keep it on yourself. but don't put them in a sandwich bag labeled with the strand name, for fuck's sake
  9. yeah silver is def. bomb but how was the bubblegum?
  10. The bubblegum was solid, not very potent, but shit everything there is potent. It has a nice smell and taste, which yea reminds of bubblegum.
  11. taking things through customs is never a great idea but if you hide it in things that people always have they dont really check... like deoderant, or chapstick, etc.... it makes me feel safer!!!
  12. It's legal to buy, and sell seeds, but not to cultivate cannabis.. so whats the big deal?

    You're buying the seeds as a momento if the fuckers ask you. Got it?
  13. I'd take seeds. They're so small you could come up with thousands of places to hide them.

    I wouldn't label them, though. That's just asking for trouble. :)
  14. just watched midnight express

  15. i have watched midnight express all it taught me was never to smuggle drugs from turkey cus apparently the cort's there are freakin INSANE, 30 years in prison is crazy...
  16. Big difference between Turkey and Holland though people, big flamin difference and even then times have changed, not a lot but a bit.

    Seeds are not illegal except in some countries like the US, growing them is but the seeds are not, here in the UK they are not illegal until germinated as this proves intent.

    Mail in the UK gets regularly scanned and seeds will show up in the packages, how many people have had seeds confiscated by the royal mail?

    If they confiscate them then by law they have to notify you, same as customs so i am not talking about people who simply have had orders lost etc, if you've had them intercepted and confiscated you will have been told.

    Just walk through European customs with them in your pocket, no need for the secret squirrel shenanigans, take the original label off even but even if they do stop you they have no powerws to take the seeds.

    Smuggling an Oz of G13xHash through though is risky.

    You were lucky.

    What happens in Midnight express may not happened but you will be detained and prosecuted for that.

    Glad you were lucky, nice smoke an all but you did take a pretty big risk there.


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