Just called cops on lunatic former friend for hit and run and reckless driving

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DaN-, Mar 13, 2012.

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    I'm at a lost of words right now, today has been an extremely off day.

    I was in desperate need of a ride to go check out an car ad i found an craigslist, i offer my former friend(the lunatic) $40 bucks for roughly 2 hours worth of driving. Usually i stay the fuck away from this kid because he is legit nutty like schizo, but i didn't wanna lose the car offer. So we hit the road, first five mins he is hitting 75 in the fast lane, when i told him to stay the speed limit and he says some shit like no, im just gonna go 70 because i dont want the car behind us to get in front. Whatever, i tell him to take the exit coming up and this motherfucker while driving 70+ jerks the wheel and swerves into the slow lane w/o even looking i cud feel the suspension in shitty car feeling like absolute shit so instantly i told him turn around we're going back home. I tell him lets stop at the bank so i can cash some checks i had. In the bank parking lot he manages to hit a curb while backing up hard, to this he says it's shud i good thing my car has good handling. The bank tells me i cant cash it so i decide to tell the lunatic to head to a local check cashing spot. On the way over he was doing 60 in a 25. We found a spot infront of the store and he starts parallel parkings while chanting im so good at this, i hear a crunch and realize he is scrapping the shit out of a new 2011 all white Nissan. He paniacks and says lemme get the fuck out of here and pulls up like 3 cars head of the car he just managed to scrap. He parks in a no parking zone i get out, chase my check and we're back on the road. The whole time we're driving he is screaming retarded stuff at people and saying weird stuff like that lady is such a whore. He almost clipped like 3 cars for failure to yield, and im not talking 20-30, definetely at a deadly speeds. He almost clipped a harley rider while merging onto the highway but the harley guy didnt seem fazed. The whole time i was in the car not only i was i truly fearful for my life but the lives of others, so as soon as i told the cock-sucker peace and thanks for everything, i pick up the phone and dial 911.

    They are in front of his house as we speak and im unsure what is going.

    edit; im a terrible writer/suming shit up so i doubt people are gonna read. i dont care about grammar mistakes. this thread isn't even gonna make up for 25% of what really happened and how much sheer terror i was in. He was mostly talking to himself and saying shit like it's crazy how i can cause accidents and i could kill you right now. While stay scheming song was playing he chimed in R.I.P (my name)
  2. Sounds like he hasn't taken his meds today
  3. Fucking psychotic ass
  4. .......awesome
  5. wow dude that kid sounds nuts. 60 in a 25? got damn lol. how close do you live to em? hope he dosent know you called on him and does some fucked up shit to you or your property.
  6. wait why did you call for hit and run? did i miss something

  7. The kid isn't on any meds, he is just like this ALWAYS. He use to be a chill ass funny person and my best friend when i first moved to this town like 5 years ago. Than he fucking became a weirdo, around the same time we started smoking weed together. Everything from his body language(constantly jittering/shaking his hands), his demeanor and the shit he says is just plain not right. I want his licensed revoked, but idk very much happened just now considering i took a look at his house but the cops were gone. Might of been because i wasn't so helpful i can't refuse to give the piggy operator my name and kept telling him anonymous, but i had already told him i was the passenger in the car so he most likely already knows. When the opertaor told me the cops where on the scene and told me to go up the block to speak to the cops on scene i hung up the phone.

  8. In front of the cash checking place i wanted to go while he was parallel parking he was rubbing against/scrapping a car with the back bumper of his car very slowly, had i not told him that he hit a car he would of kept scraping it with his whole car most likely. I got a look of the car and it had a tiny dent and very noticeable long scrap/starch on it.
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    Does he smoke meth?
    idk doesnt sound all that bad besides him being a horrible driver.... most people are. You should meet some of my friends....... are you a chick?

    atleast he didnt roll his car with 6 friends in it or anything.

  10. we live in the same apartment complex and im not worried about him he is a very anti-social reclusive person who stays to himself.

    And while he was doing the 60, a car at intersection/blind spot was trying to turn, i swear to god i thought he didn't see us and at the rate we're going it would of been bad.
  11. I don't feel bad for you man. I would of shut that shit down right away. I wouldn't just sit quietly in the passenger seat.
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    If I were him, I'd come after you, the first chance I got. He tried to help you the fuck out, and you pay him back by calling the cops on him? Fuck you, bro.

    Disrespect is not allowed here. - KSR

  13. You think i wasn't telling him to quit drive like a retard and telling him what the fuck he was doing? Everything i said just seem to trigger some sort motivational boost for him to drive more and more reckless, i just sat in the car and legit prayed no1 got hurt. Sure, i could of str8 up punk him like others have in the past or snuff him in the face when everything was said and done, but im not the type of person. I shouldnt of had him continue to drive to places, but i figured what could possibly go wrong in a five minute drive on local roads..... and like i posted earlier we're suppose to be on the road for 2 hours but as soon as i seen this crap i told him to turn and all i wanted was to withdraw money and get away from him.
  14. [quote name='"fitftw"']If I were him, I'd come after you, the first chance I got. He tried to help you the fuck out, and you pay him back by calling the cops on him? Fuck you, bro.[/quote]

    Did you miss the point that the driver was a ragging nutbag, and nearly got the Op killed on numerous occasions? And almost killed others by his high speed and erratic driving?

  15. Yeah, fuck OP for calling the cops on a guy who clearly endangers peoples lives when he's behind the wheel and shouldn't even have a drivers license.

    Fuck OP for making this guy have to take responsibility for his actions.

    That horrible OP. I hate how responsible he is. Stupid responsible guy.
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    fuck you, fitftw. I gave the cocksucker 20 for gas, the needle didn't buge for shit we drove around less than 2 miles and he refused to give me atleast some of the money in return though i asked for five, so right off the bat idgaf. And if some1 is putting my life and others at jerpoaday and clearly doesnt give a shit or doesnt comperened what he is doing than IDGAF. He wasn't trying to help me out, he was just trying to get his weird ass out the ass for his life progression back to 100%(whatever the hell that means)

    Disrespect is not allowed here. - KSR
  17. idk I wasn't there, you could be exaggerating his driving ability. He should've left a note on the car he hit, but other than that, you really shouldn't have called the fucking cops on him.

    I bet if you hit a car and nobody saw it, you'd drive off too.

  18. Would you feel differently if it were your car that he hit?

    What if he hit a person instead?

    Where do you draw the line on when it's okay to call the cops?

    I think damaging someones personal property and then driving off like an idiot is a pretty damn good reason.
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    I did read your first post so I've already read most of this information. You failed to put a stop to what was happening and then called the police afterwards and wouldn't even tell them your name or talk to them. While in the bank you didn't mention to the employees or other people there that some guy outside was damaging their property? I mean yeah you probably wouldn't have had a ride home but you really dropped the ball man. A lot of people are probably screwed over now.

    Edit: My bad on the name thing, you did tell them your name.
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