Just broke up with girlfriend of 5 years

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  1. Found out she cheated on me a while back, so today I was at her house while she left for work, and busted the shit out of her new macbook. I also told her I slept with her sister, which I honestly can't remember if I did or if it was a drunken dream.

    I'm not even really pissed about the cheating, we were growing apart anyways. The thing that gets me is she has been being such a bitch to me lately, telling me I'm a shitty boyfriend and I never do anything nice for you. Nothing angers me more than hypocrites.

    I didn't really post this for sympathy, just wanna get some opinions on if I went too far or not with the retaliation.
  2. Breaking her new computer was ridiculously immature, but I am sorry she treated you that way. However... you don't know whether you fucked her sister or not? Seems a bit whack.
  3. Man I wouldn't have fucked up the Macbook, I used to have an awful temper, and let me tell you breaking shit always comes back and bites you in the ass. Also you musta been some kinda drunk to not remember if you boned her sister.
  4. I broke the laptop, because she has about $1000 worth of my stuff in her possession, including my Jeep, which I know she will have towed by the end of the day. Its not registered in my name so theres nothing I can do about that.

    I've been trying to save money to get that Jeep fixed for months, meanwhile she has demanded that I pay HER car payment, HER car insurance, and HER gas in the meanttime. The bitch sucked me dry for almost a year, I think she can do without a laptop for a few months.

    As far as her sister goes, this was about 3 years ago and I was hella drunk. I woke up trying to figure out if it was a vivid dream or reality. The "player" in me told me it was real, but I really have no idea.
  5. She sounds like a huge bitch man, and that sounds like a shitty ass situation with the jeep, sometimes it seems women think they can do no wrong, but all I'm saying is she might call the cops or something if you fucked up her laptop that bad.
  6. She sounds like she was a shitty girlfriend

    Keep on keepin on braw
  7. Paybacks a bitch. They should get along fine.
  8. money over bitches homie.
  9. quoted for troof. :smoke:
  10. glad you broke her laptop, that was not extreme in the slightest. i would've cheated while i was with her, and then dumped her.
  11. I thought about not telling her I found out, and doing some shit like that, but I've been putting up with her bullshit for my entire adult life. The sweetest revenge in the world wouldn't be worth spending another week with her.
  12. You should have just crashed her whole house
  13. You didn't cut off her hands?

    You are a poor muslim, my friend.
  14. I should have. Bitch punched me in the head like 5 times lol.
  15. Hahah, i had a major ruck with my girlfriend today.

    Probs gonna break up.

    I feel you man.
  16. many times the end of a relationship is as bad as the beginning was good
  17. you shulda killed the cunt...
  18. Speaking of killing some cunt, I should really go out tonight. :D
  19. Its okay mac books suck anyway
  20. :laughing:

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