Just broke up with gf of 1.5 years

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  1. Well basically she started getting really controlling. Not being able to have any girls on my fb. And she was just so narcissistic. It seemed like only her opinions meant something. It was a toxic relationship. I drew the line this morning when she hit my face. Busted open my lips and im mad cuz i have to go to work like this. I would never lay a finger on her but it seems she feels different. But she was really hot. Oh well. The only thing that hurts is some other dude will be railing her. How do you guys deal with this. ? Sorry for the rant guys I'm just upset. In a way I feel free though. Thoughts?
  2. Oh sorry man. But if she really so bad, don't worry about her. Just be with your friends and family. Enjoy your freedom. Live. And someday you'll find the one!

    Just never ever let the girls to control you! They feel when we become soft. Always be a man.

    Hope you'll feel better soon! Good luck!
  3. Not really sure what there is to be sad about, unless you are openly realizing that your penis really does control that much of you and now there is something to be sad about because someone else will be railing this psycho.

    I don't mean that as an insult, just nudging you towards properly assessing your own situation.

    So far we have narcissist, controlling, and she hits you. The only thing I'd have done differently is snatch her by the neck and fling her across the room into some furniture on her way out. Fk her.

    Life is hard enough on its own without surrounding ourselves with toxic individuals. I've always had a good crazy detector, so I dodged insane chicks easily. I've had some close friends who did not and the drama that came out of it was just....wow. Nowhere worth whatever lays may come out of it. Not even close.

    Consider it a lesson and move on. There are sane people still out there.

  4. yeah. There's lots of girls. I just caught them feels. In my head I think... It's either I'm banging her. Or some other dude. I'd rather have it be me since I'm caught up with her. But I'm starting to realize there's plenty of girls. She's just so into me. I wish she would listen and breakup but she just keeps bothering me and messaging me. And shes just impossible to dump. I wish someone could understand. I would have dumped her but its not that easy. She's crazy dawg. She will literally stalk me and try and come to my work and use any leverage against me like my debt to her mom. It's so complicated
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    See what I mean with kray-kray?

    I smell crazy on a chick and it's over before it even begins

    When I was still in high school, we used to hang out at this older kid's place since he had his own spot at 19 already while all of us still lived @ home. Anyway, he was half assedly dating this chick but she thought it was far more than that. When she found out he was talking to another chick she took her dad's gun and unloaded it into his car while we were all inside playing games. Moron could have hit the tank and blown herself up.

    Men often get the shaft because when they go nuts it usually turns into violence and everyone can blatantly see and condemn it. Chicks have their own version of crazy but it's a lot less apparent. Best of luck with getting rid of yours man.

  6. Distance yourself, if you need to change your phone number and block her on fb, do it. The last thing you want is her craziness bringing out the worst in you, and resulting in you getting legal trouble of any kind, when clearly she's the one who has issues that need to be dealt with. Just distance yourself, and don't give her a chance to drag you down to her level.

  7. If she hit you in the face and busted your lip you should have gorilla smacked that bitch. Ain't nothing like hitting the floor hard to make someone realize you ain't the one to assault.
  8. I know man its just so hard to go no contact. Like tougher than I thought it would be
  9. You are better off without her. Distance yourself and remove her from your life.
  10. Welcome to the world of women son. Man has landed on the moon, split the atom in 2, and cloned sheep. But we will never, for the life of us, will we ever figure out a woman.
  11. Stop dating 16 year olds.
  12. RUN...

    No woman is worth losing the 2nd amendment.

    It sounds like She is the type to get you drunk, run into a wall and call the law. Domestic violence charges are forever bro,


  13. Not worth being sad over. Get out there and meet other girls.

    You being upset about the fact that she will fuck other guys, well that's life buddy sorry. Like you won't ever go fuck other girls?

    It's tough yeah. But it'll only make you stronger.

  14. who cares who's railing an abusive toxic biachhh!!
  15. Gotta draw that line somewhere!
  16. She sounds crazy... So did you at least fuck her brains out?
  17. Yeah.. bang her one last time and dump her as soon as its over. fuck a violent bitch

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  18. Find a hobby or be more involved with something or somebody to take your mind away from her a controlling chick is the worst lol youll eventually get over it and realize what you really had vs what you think you had. Personal experience
  19. better yet bang her bff or sister and watch her lose it
  20. Only time will help you move on trust me, people who I thought were here for good or crazy for have left and yes it hurts but fuck it, life goes on, in five years I highly doubt you'd be upset still so why worry now, its a stage in life but we all move on, I've loved and lost and its painful but if your gf was crazy like that then good riddens, distract yourself, do what makes you happy, cheers and good luck! [​IMG]

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