Just broke up with GF, almost 2 years, advice?

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  1. So basically the advice I am asking for is what is the best way to move on and not feel like shit?
    I know theres not really any shortcuts other then time heals all wounds but is there anything that can make the wait a little less unpleasant?

  2. Sorry bro, why did you guys break it off? Seems like you still have feeling for her if you feel like shit

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  3. That sucks man, care to explain what happened?
    We're here for ya, bro.
    Light one up with some pals, that might cheer you up!
  4. absolutely no other way to get over it than to get over it. I know exactly how you feel but if you dont get the fuck over it you'll never be able to live again. Dont question yourself overthink or feel worthless because its over say fuck it and start a new life because if shes not coming back shes NOT coming back period i know this isnt good to hear but youre going to HAVE to get over her. Enjoy the times you had with her and dont forget about her but get over her.
  5. Be prepared for a roller coaster. Things get better but not as quickly as you think they should or willSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. Been in this exact situation (as far as your description goes). Don't wallow in self-pity, but allow yourself to feel bad about it. If you avoid the bad, it'll show up somewhere; it may happen somewhere, someplace, sometime, that you would rather avoid. Again though, don't let it swallow you. Don't stop moving. When I stopped doing things, that's when it really started to sink in.
    And as you already mentioned, time is the best thing here. There's not really anything you can do but keep trucking along. You'll still have random feelings of remorse about the situation a year or 2 down the line, but that too, will pass. Now, I'm glad for everything I learned from her. I learned how to make a woman happy sexually from her, and she taught me a lot about myself. I don't regret the relationship, and I don't regret its end; I definitely would not be the person I am today.
    Try to see every side of the situation, as daunting as it may seem.
    You've got this man, and GC is here if you need to vent :)
  7. I broke up with her because it just kinda of wasn't there anymore you know? It just felt like I was going through the motions and she was a great girlfriend and everything. But I just wasn't in it anymore, I know I probably sound like a dick but its how I feel.
    I tried to break up with her before but she always came up with some reason, "its not a good time"( its never a good time) or "but we made plans together" so you know i stayed with her but I just cant fucking do it anymore!
    I feel bad because she is really upset about and tells me how fucked up I am because of all the things she does for me. Which in return makes me feel guilty because she does do alot. But its not a matter of her its a matter of I am 19 years old and don't want to be in a long term relationship anymore, and have tried to break it off but there was always a reason not to. Well guess what theres always going to be a reason not to.
    I mean I shouldn't stay with her to make her happy if im unhappy right? Or maybe im just being a heartless dick? :/
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    Yah thanks man!
    I don't regret it, but I am going to regret it if I stay with her to make her happy when I am unhappy with the relationship.
    Edit: Yah I know what you mean my first relationship really fucked me up like it was awfully but all I could do was learn from it and move on.
    I feel bad because you know I still do care for her just not like I used to.
    Dude, same thing with me. I had tried to break it off with her in May, and she begged me to stay with her. We stayed together till August, and I officially ended it. A month later I begged for her back, but it was too late. Definitely one of the biggest lessons of my life haha
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    Don't say that haha! You might make me think breaking up with her is going to be the regret :confused:
    Yah same thing for me... cept it took me like 3 times(trying to break up) in mine..
    Haha I can't even break up with someone properly >FAIL
  11. Meditating helps me , YouTube it and try to find a good video about meditation. Worth the try
    Haha I did regret it for awhile. But I changed and (I like to think) I grew, and I don't regret it any more. I think both of our lives are better for it. I told her when I finally did it that it was for the best, that we were going separate ways. I still believe that was the truth then, and now. And man am I all about the truth :smoking:
    Point being, you'll end up regretting it at some point. Two years of connection don't just go away because you decided you're unhappy with the relationship. But over time you'll come to appreciate the result.
  13. I tried Astral Projection last night....I felt funny but that was about it, like my body would vibrate lol.
  14. time to get high
  15. If it was your decision it should be ten times easier for you to get over it and if it was mutual then you should feel like you ended on good terms and be happy with that and if you ended it first its because you werent happy dont fool yourself because one day you might want her back think about why you ended it and that will help to remember that youre going to be fine without her! As that dude said^ GC is here for you to vent bud
  17. Go on vaca. You better believe I would be hitting the bahamas up immediately after a break up
  18. Friend, family, good food, good weed, going out, and booze.
  19. you're only 19 you're gonna experience a lot of love and loss in life in different ways. you just gotta accept it's gonna hurt and move on with your life, keep your head and keep living well. as you said time heals but also it heals faster if you make the mental effort to move on ya know? don't allow yourself to wallow in your thoughts day in and out. take the lessons you can from it, savor the good memories, and realize this is what life is basically.

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