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just broke my fave pipe :(

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Logieberra, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. feel so depressed now.... I don't even know how it happened I keep all my lighters and pipes and grinder in a rolling stones box that a rolling stones mug came in and I guess I musta dropped the grinder on the pipe last night too hard or something just the front of the bowl was all smashed in.. damn

    anyone else ever lose a fave piece ?
  2. I feel your pain...I got all my smoking accesories conscficated on monday.

    my bong, lighters, bowl. Very sad...
  3. damn ? how did that happen .. I think I can guess. Sucks because as druggie as this sounds you develop a relationship with your smoking apparatus lol
  4. Just lost my grinder and bowl to my bong.

    Your pain is felt.
  5. I can relate dude, it happens to the best of us. I broke the down stem to one of my bongs with a small tap of the leg. The tap was literally so slight that it didn't get knocked over or anything, I just heard a popping sound and when I investigated my precious Casper was broken.

    My favorite piece, and my first one ever, was broken because a roommate borrowed it without asking after I told him that my "house piece" never leaves the house. The dumbass dropped it in the parking lot and didn't tell me until I noticed it was gone the next day.

  6. In know exactly how you feel, when my friend broke my first bong I think that I was more upset that I lost all my memories with the peice because it was my first bong that I ever had.
  7. That sucks, I have had about 250$ worth of my glass broken, none of it was my fault. I have never broken a piece in the 4 years I've owned glass. My first and favorite piece I had for 3 years. Some one went into my room in my frat and borrowed it without asking, later in night hands it back shattered saying he doesn't know how it happened when he clearly broke it, that pissed me off. Another time I let a buddy use my room to smoke when.I wasn't there and when I cam back, there was his, another dude and 3 chicks hanging out in there and my first bong was shattered, once again they all acted like they had no clue how it happened (they were using a pipe, not the bong). After that I completely stopped lending my pieces out to other people.

    A few months later, a few friends and I went to the beach one night to drink and smoke. I had a small colorfully spoon that was pretty durable. We were passing it around and drinking on the sand around a fire. I went piss and for a walk drinking a beer and smoking a cig, when I came back I asked for the pipe so I could pack it, and my buddy said it broke, so they threw it into the fire. I was dumbfounded, how the fuck do you break a piece in the sand!? But none of em knew, they just went to grab it and it was broken. That got me heated, but they replaced it with an equally as cool piece so it was no problem.

    Then the most recent brake was devastating. My buddy had his 3 foot bong knocked over and shattered a few weeks ago. He didn't have any other pieces so I let him borrow my 2 foot long 3 inch diamter, steamroller that had a dragon in the chamber that smoke came out of. I inherited it but it was specially made for one of my frat brothers that he then gave to me when he moved out. It was worth well over 200 for how detailed and intracit it was. I didn't use it that often except for special occasions for to "wow" someone. Every one I ever showed this too would just go jaw dropped and it hit hard as a motherfucker, thus it was named cthulhu. This was the first time I lent a piece out after vowing to never lend.out a piece again.

    I was studying for finals I had the next morning, it was 4 am and I see my buddy smoking a cig outside so I went to join him, the guy who borrowed the steamroller is also out there. He then tells me that he was playing video games in the room next to the kitched with cthulhu on his lap. The smoke alarm went off in the kitchen and it startled him, so he shot up, forgetting the piece was on his lap, and it dropped and shatted. After that I couodnt study the rest of the morning.cuz I couldn't get it out of my mind. Still got a B on the test though so it was chill.

    Sorry for the long story, but yeah it sucks having pieces brake, especially when you dont even brake em yourselves. Just keep your head up and get another! It sucks I know, but getting a new piece eases the pain of losing the old one. It may sound weird but I still have all the broken prices just for the hell of it
  8. yeah seems like glass is not the best choice sometimes.. I know some friends that use wood pipes exclusively
  9. Yeah, I have had an acrylic bong for a couple of years and I've dropped it countless times. S my favorite bong :)
  10. thats why i have been hesitant to buy glass pieces. my first piece that i have been using for a long time now is stone.

    just ordered my first glass piece. a bubbler from cheebashop. hopefully i wont break it!

  11. I got pulled over by the cops and my car was baked as fuck. But didnt get that bad of a punishment, just got so many things taken away. I agree you do get attached to them. Thing the worst part of everything is i have to start over lol
  12. yeah that sucks man, sorry to hear but shit happens I guess lol time to get attached to a new piece :hello:
  13. I know how you feel, everyday I lose a bunch of weed in my bowl and in my lungs.
  14. Glass is my fave. I have dropped my pipe several times and it has not busted. I've been fortunate. Hope it never breaks, it's my first and only.
  15. Yup. I smoke, get careless then watch in horror as by one freak accident or another, the glass falld to the floor and shatters....
  16. I have a spoon pipe that my brother gave me years ago for christmas. It has lasted so long and earlier this week, i cracked it twice! Small cracks, but I know its time is near :(
  17. yeah sucks man.... I would stop using it and keep it somewhere since it has some sentimental value :)
  18. Yet to have this experience I mainly use wooden pipes. I prefer the flavor of them. And mine has a deep bowl. :)
  19. I broke my first bubbler dropping it 2 inches in a sink, needless to say I was sad. :(
  20. I got all my smoking accesories conscficated on monday.[​IMG]

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