Just Broke My Bowl

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BlazedPlatypus, May 26, 2013.

  1. This just happened 10 minutes ago. I put my stuff on the counter in my bathroom to begin packing my bowl and my cat pops up so I pick her up to move her. Her tail catches my beautiful glass pipe and knocks it on the floor into 30 pieces. I wanted to get high for the Arrested Development Season 4 premiere. Damn it! Guess I'm out of commission.
  2. Same happened to me 2 days ago.  I was cleaning my bowl (first and only piece, had it for a year) in my friend's sink and just dropped it, broke clean in two.  Oddly enough, it hardly phased me.  I thought I'd be pissed, but for some reason I wasn't at all.  Went on to roll a J after giving my bowl a proper burial in the lake behind my friend's house.
  3. If hitting up your local store for a blunt or rolling papers is out of the question, then use your ingenuity to make your own smoking device. Cans, apples, plastic bottles, pens, foil, lightbulbs, and other common household products are great materials to start with for building makeshift smoking devices.

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  4. a decent bowl is only 10 - 15 dollars around here.
  5. around here a good bowl is 30-40. I bought mine for $25 from a nice headshop. I've had it for 8 months now (surprisingly) and it's still in one piece. the carp is a little fucked up cuz my friend dropped my bowl like a dickhead. it still works, just the carp hole is a little wider cuz that's where it landed when it fell. I love my bowl man. I'm about to pack a fatty in memory of your lost bowl
  6. Buy online. Prices are cheaper. Not that I've ever bought online, but if I wanted to save money instead of having the convenience of just driving to a smoke shop, I certainly would. In fact, I'm considering buying a vape online.
  7. I miss my pipe named Lady Gaga. Someone stole her out from under my nose. She had a thick, deep bowl that was virtually indestructible (dropped her a few times, not a scratch). It was a dark colored pink with pretty swirls and the back of the bowl was deep blue, very thick at the end. Flawless piece. Kind of reminded me of an alien, so beautiful and so odd to look at at the same time. That's why I named her Gaga. Lol
  8. sucks man. rip ur bwl lol
    i brought a bowl for $5 at a head shop. i told the girl all i just broke mine and all i had was $5 and she understood :) 
  9. Thank ya man :) I haven't gotten a new bowl yet and I'm not desperate enough to make an apple pipe or something like that but I did go to my headshop today just to find that they're closed for Memorial Day. Will go back tomorrow and I'll be blazing tomorrow night.

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