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just broke my bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lovenweed420, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Hey blades I just broke my new bong that I bought a week ago. It wasn't very expensive Thank god. So I was in my bathroom going to have a nice session and well I was grabing the bud my elbow hit my bong and then bang it was on the floor broken. Man this sucks
  2. That sucks dude... I'm sorry to hear it :( at least it wasn't too expensive though! Plus this is incentive to buy a new one right? :smoke:

    I've broken a few in my day, one time I had a bowl in my lap and when I stood up it hit a glass ashtray and shattered :eek: another time my cat knocked my grinder onto my ashcatcher... I know that feel bro
  3. Yea it sucks, not to mention I cut the shit out of my feet when trying to clean all the class up
  4. Shitty luck, dude. Gotta be more careful next time.
  5. What about shoes?
  6. haha damn man was there dirty ass bong water in it that spilled all over or what

  7. I wasn't thinking right. I was think wtf I just broke my bong

  8. There was a little it wasn't full tho so I just wiped it up with a towl

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