Just bought two 12 inch JL subwoofers, need some help

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    So a friend of mine gave me a sick deal that I could not pass up on a couple JL subs. I paid $60 for them both and they're already mounted in a nice box. Lightly used, good condition.. can't beat that price.

    but my question is, exactly what kind of amp should I be looking at? The subs themselves put out 300 to 400w each. Not completely sure on that though.. friend told me they were 400w and internet is telling me theyre 300w. But the thing is I'm not sure exactly which model they are.

    here is a picture of the subs themselves

    I was looking at buying a kicker amp. I've been told they're good, quality amps. Such as this..
    Kicker 08ZX500.1 ZX Series mono subwoofer amplifier 500 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms at Crutchfield Signature

    but overall, I really don't have too much of an idea what to look for. Basically taking a stab in the dark. Also, which way should I face my subs in my trunk? I assume I should leave plenty of space for the subs for air flow and leave them parallel facing the back of my car. I have an 01 accord if that matters at all.

    any help would be appreciated guys. Thank you and happy tokin! :smoke:

    edit* I now know they're JL w0 12's
  2. JL Audio offer some of the sweetest sound you can get when it comes to car audio, and that is no exception when it comes to there subwoofers or amplifiers. If I were you I would get 1 600x1 amp you could run series woofers off of, and this amp would need to be able to handle a 2ohm resistance.

    IMO a JL Audio should be the logical choice. All of there amps are made to run at 2 ohms, and are tuned specifically for that sub. If money is an issue however, I would say any Pioneer, Fosgate,Kicker,Kenwood,Phoenix Gold, Diamond Audio which could handle 2 ohms and has an RMS rating of 600 watts would suit you just fine.
  3. 60 for two jl subs is a killer deal.
    just dont cheap out on an amp. I personally wouldnt buy jl new as it is very expensive and you can get equal quality for half the price, but thats just my opinoin. But like vince said, a quality amp that can handle 2 ohms and at least 600w rms(not peak), would be good. you could even go a little more than 600 if you want, jl subs can be overpowerd a bit.
  4. thanks guys. Could I maybe get a link to an amp that you think would be suitable? I'm willing to spend about 200 bones on this thing.
  5. All of these responses are shots in the dark with out a model number, is that 300-400 peak or rms? Its really impossible for anyone to tell you what you need with out the sub specs or model number did you check the back of the sub?
  6. ^^This.

    Great deal on your subs though, I have had JL 15"s in the past and they were tough as nails, JL definitely makes a product that can stand up to quite a pounding, and their subs also have great sound quality.
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    Those subs are JL 12w1, They actually stopped making this version, and moved to a completely different sub & color scheme for there subs.

    Yes a JL amp IMO would be the best, But yes They are fucking Expensive. lol

    I'm pretty sure RMS is 300w, peak is 450-500, As another user said, JL can be over powered and sound amazing.

    you should be fine with any normal amp, 400+ watts. Mono if possible, I would setup the subs Like this:
    2ohm Setup:
    From the + on the amp, goes to the + on sub #1.
    from the - on sub #1 goes to + on sub #2
    from the - on sub #2 goes to the - on the Amp.

    4ohm Setup:
    from the + and - on the amp, run in to sub #1
    from sub #1, Run 2 wires off + and - to the sub #2

    (this is the wiring for a mono amp)
    ( I can't remember if the JLw1's are 2ohm or 4ohm stable.. it's been 6 or so years :( )

    Hope this helps :)

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