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Just bought the SSV...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RenegadeReefer, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Ordered the Silver Surfer Vaporizer a little over a week ago and I just got it the other day... I was trying to hold back big smiles when the delivery bitch knocked on my door.

    Anyways, the SSV is sick! I've used several other vaporizers, including the Pax, Volcano and Vivape. The quality of the SSV and the unique glass is great, I'm impressed with the whole thing. And it tokes great. You can really get big hits off it as if I was pulling through a Volcano bag for as long as my breath will allow. I chose the SSV based on a lot of what people were saying on GC, and I'm really happy with my choice.

    My buddy is bringing me a quarter of legit Black Kush early tomorrow morning before he goes to work, so I'm getting up at 6:30AM and am going to get high as fuck with my new vape! Pretty stoked.

    Might post a few pics of the vape and my pick up tomorrow. The bud I'm getting is straight from BC from a legit source so I'm curious how good it is. It is the highest quality bud they sell and I'm getting a quarter for $100. Pretty steep for me, I've usually always paid $60 for a quarter sometimes a little more, for the dankest bud available, so this is a first. Hopefully it will be worth the extra cash.

    Anyways what are your NYE plans? Who else is wake and baking tomorrow? :smoking:
  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying your SSV. I'm vapor-bonging from mine as I type this, if you haven't tried it yet I highly recommend it. The SSV really is a great vape, as are all of 7th floors products. I find that it is my go to vape, although that might change when I finally get a Cloud.
  3. vapor bonging is pretty awesome. however, i don't actually own any good glass.
  4. i own the dbv, made by the same company, and i used it for about a year and a half until i got a nice glass peice. and wow it made a huge difference
  5. Hey Blades.. my buddy dropped off this dank kush and I am vaping some right now. Tons of trichomes and a pungent musky smell.
  6. how is it compared to the volcano?
  7. The SSV is not a hands free vape right? Is that a pain in the ass to vapobong with?
  8. Nice choice! I'd be interested to hear how you think the SSV compares with the Pax. I currently have the DBV (very similar), and am considering getting the Pax as a portable vape.

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