just bought the Arizer Extreme Q!!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by vakK, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Hey guys
    just ordered my new Arizer Extreme Q for $140 off ebay.
    is that a good deal?
    can't wait to try it out when it arrives! :D
  2. Yes its a good deal. Does it come with the warrwenty and free shipping? I got it for 154$ 3 day select air shipping(free) a free grinder, and 4 bags instead of 2.
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    free shipping and these aswell

    FREE Bonus Kit
    FREE 2 Balloon Kits
    FREE 2pc Grinder
    FREE Extreme Q Remote Control
    FREE 2-Pack Replacement Mesh Screens
    FREE 2 Glass Cyclone Bowls
    FREE Glass Stir Tool

    and Lifetime Warranty On Heating Element & 3-Yr Warranty On Parts & Labor
    so excited!
  4. Yeah then you got the same thing as me pretty much but for like 14$ less. and alot of those come with it. besdies the grinder. did u get 2 ballons or 4?

  5. 2 balloons.
    now i need to find me some good grass :p
  6. oh okay. yeah all those things you listed come with it besides the grinder. I paid 14 extra dollars for a 3 peice grinder, 2 extra ballons, and 3 peice grinder instead of 2. but its win for both

  7. awesome bro! enjoy it!
    did you get yours yet??
  8. Yea I ordered mine like 2 start of dec for xmas gift for myself. It took 3 days and I love it saves so much weed and do get very high. Im warmning if up for a bag now

  9. AHHH ! so lucky lol
    i wish i woulda had mine come in today, but i just ordered last night :\
    i need to find some good supply asap lol
  10. Can't beat that with a stick for the price you got it for :). You're going to love it!
  11. That's a fantastic price for the EQ, grats. I'm just finishing a bag now, so high I feel great.

    Good deal on a good vape my friend. Enjoy!
  12. I got the same deal about a month ago. Best weed-related purchase I've made so far.
  13. thanks everyone!!! your making me happy on my choice! can't wait to light up and forget about all my worries :D
  14. or should i say vape up :p
  15. I'm actually ordering the same thing today, is the shipping discreet enough? Just wondering if I should ship it here or to the girlfriends house.
  16. Normal brown box. If your parents are gonna open it then dont
  17. i bought the new 2012 tuff bowl version for myself for 200 euro......BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!!!!!!
  18. awesome man!
    I'm still waiting on mine delivery :(
    it's torcher.. Should be in tomorrow cannot wait

  19. its here!
  20. And im back now... i am stoo stoned.. lol!
    this thing is awesome!!

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