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  1. Ive been doing a lot of research on DWC, so i went out and purchased 2-40 gallon tubs air pumps 2- 5" airstones 4-6" net pots for one of the tubs and 10 4" net pots. I'm going to put everything together today. I do have a concern, how will i be able too change the water without a drain? I will post pics when i finish assembling it.
  2. I am a noob, so if the question sounds really stupid thats why. How do i get the water and nutes out the tub when its time to change it? is there a video on you tube or something that shows the process. or can someone help me out
  3. get a underwater pump and only use it to drain the tub and/or use it to drip feed
  4. Thanks a million
  5. im not a hydro guy iether, but why doesn't the tub have drainage? You might want to drill a hole yourself.
  6. I built a valve and a union PVC fitting to my hydro system, so I can re-route the pumped water through a long hose to waste. It's worth a little extra time and cost ahead of time, to prevent just one disaster!
  7. I hope you plan on linking the two tubs together and possibly recirculate the water around the two tubs. That is unless you love adjusting ph and nutes. Most would prefer to do this once rather than for every tub. Also, recirculating the res will better keep the nutes mixed.

    You basically need to drill a hole using a step drill bit and attach a pvc valve that can connect to some sort of tubing. Doing this will allow you to flush in matter of seconds. All you have to do is open the valve and attach a water pump at the end of the tubing.
  8. are there any videos or something that shows you how to do this? i been looking and searching and cant find any, might be looking in the wrong place.

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